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Dont be frightened to read the matter after seeing the title,it isnt poetry or anything.I just wanted to share the feelings which are deep burried in me.I dont know why but admist this hectic schedule of exams i felt that i needed some time for introspection.Life has changed a lot since i came to America.I […]

a quick quote


“a mind stretched by a new idea will never regain its original dimensions” I saw this on a poster in my prof’s room and fell in love with it.But seems like im confining all these quotes only to my blogs and webpages, im not really following any.Anyways got an exam on wednesday so catch u […]

ugadi 2006


Hmmm……. Delicious pic isnt it? I have kept the pic so that u guys get tempted to read the matter. Ugadi(the new year of we telugu people) came and went long ago, seems like the arizona telugu association realized it a bit later, they organised a get together sort of evening last saturday, firstly we […]

hey guys!!! welcome to my blog, just created it so nothing to write now but wanna share with u guys a lot of things, so hit this link back later to c some exciting stuff.