ugadi 2006


Hmmm……. Delicious pic isnt it? I have kept the pic so that u guys get tempted to read the matter.

Ugadi(the new year of we telugu people) came and went long ago, seems like the arizona telugu association realized it a bit later, they organised a get together sort of evening last saturday, firstly we were not sure whether to go or not, cos when we went there last sem for the diwali bash it was not much fun(and this time ofcourse we had to buy tickets for it), but as we were relatively free that weekend we decided to go. The skit which my friends were planning to do utterly flopped ( sorry madhu i cant find another word for it), they were planning modern ramayanam( i guess) but no one turned up to act besides the organisers.It was not much fun this year too only that it was much better when compared to the last time with some really good performances by the ABCDs and the food was again just ok, the only thing special was the ugadi pachadi( the traditional ugadi item with which we start our new year). anyways, we had a party mood and it was just another not so usual saturday.What we were happy about is that we atleast went to some other place than tempe.

After the Party waiting for someone to drop us back to our appartment(gosh!! it was so pathetic)

PS:For the readers who dont know me, im the one in the centre.


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  1. 1 Anonymous

    gr8 post with a mouth watering pic

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