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A call interrupted me today 7.30 in the morning after i had slept at 4.30am with a strong decision not to wake up until noon.It was a buddy from my Intermediate days whom i had lost contact with since then and we were talking after a period of 5 yrs.And iam afraid its the same […]

I was looking at my previous post feelings subliminal and was surprised to see myself laughing at it. I just wonder how can the same person think so differently in two different times, thoughts mutate so quickly. Some things which i thought to be right then seems so wrong now. Firstly America is not that […]

Being oneself


“The boy knew a lot of people in the city.That was what made traveling appeal to him – he always made new friends and he didn’t need to spend all of his time with them.When someone sees the same people everyday, as had happened with him at the seminary, they wind up becoming a part […]



i don wanna rush, i don wanna rush i have been rushing all these days without a thought without a fuss i wanna halt n muse over where do my route lead me to to the hard or to the mush get me away frm all the crowd just only me and I myself no […]

“Hellllllllllloooooo” “Why r u sounding so lazy?” “Im sleeping ra” This is what i was figured saying to my frend sunil yesterday on phone right in the mid of the day.It was a lazy day ofcourse and then he said “Shall we go to the convocation?” and my day was made (thx sunil for calling […]

Ham scene


Finally exams done ! did nothing different- didnt have breakfast,neither bath, photocopied frend’s cheat sheet and was the final one to return the answer paper.The only thing different was tht thought screwed up the exam but got good mks (whoa!!! r they mine?). Anyways, said tht will continue with my Paradise on earth – part […]

overburdened my grey matter(doubt if its still grey) with one final exam,so opened my laptop to write something.Last exam always amuses me,the thought of a long holiday after the exam and the fear of screwing up the exam out of amusement.Planning to do something different tomorrow for the last exam,may b have a breakfast n […]

paradise on earth………yes! tht’s wat they call california.I was glad tht i was there during my winter break.My sis lives in Santa Ana(a place two hrs away frm Los Angeles) and she has long been urging me to come to her place.It was not possible to go there in the spring break and so i […]