Paradise on earth

paradise on earth………yes! tht’s wat they call california.I was glad tht i was there during my winter break.My sis lives in Santa Ana(a place two hrs away frm Los Angeles) and she has long been urging me to come to her place.It was not possible to go there in the spring break and so i promised her tht i ‘ll go there in the winter. After spending a relatively inactive winter, i decided to go there in the first week of Jan just before the school reopens, and my roomie madhu agreed to accompany me.The first problem was tickets,cos we had no prior plans of our trip, booking the flight tickets just before 2 days was a pain considering the prices( and the fact tht i didnt had any funding then) , so we decided to go by the greyhound travels(a decision which we regret later),we booked the tickets,madhu borrowed a cam frm the classroom support for the weekend(and later kept it for the whole weeek ofcourse).All set to go we reached the phoenix grey hound station,the sight of the station itself was pathetic,it wasn’t well maintained and was crowded.The bus which we were supposed to board was late by half hour.When finally the bus came we got into and there were no adjacent seats available(or i dont remember if we both wanted to sit by the window) ,so i sat beside this american-mexican(note he’s not a mexican american he’s american mexican),he was an interesting guy and the conversation just started.He was an american labourer settled in mexico, married to a mexican women. He was going to see his grandmother after five years,he was saying living in mexico was much easier than living in america though it was not comfortable.He had a son who was not interested in studies and was interested in his father’s work, so he taught his son his work and now his son daily accompanies him to work.He said me that the best thing which he could give to his son was to teach how to work and let him lead his own life.I loved this perspective of his.He also spoke of the days when he and his brother flew in a small two seater plane which his brother bought frm somewhere.This was the the best part i liked in the journey,talking to people of different origins and knowing their perspectives, i feel this interesting conversation would rather be difficult to turn up in a flight.And when i turned my head to madhu he was sitting there beside a blonde with whom he had already started conversing.I wasnt jealous though as she wasnt good.They gave us a 15 min break at some place to grab a bite.We hanged out to the subway which was crowded already and we had to wait for some time(and in this time i was so afraid if i would miss the bus as i already have repercussions of a bus-miss in my school trip to bangalore in India).But nothing went wrong and finally after a journey of 7 hrs(which could ve been cut down to 1.5 hrs if we travelled by air) we reached the paradise on earth……………..california.

One Response to “Paradise on earth”

  1. 1 adhyayan

    hey cool.. so I figure, exams are over.. so you are now free to blog.. keep writing..

    And let me know when you write the sequels.


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