Last day of exams


overburdened my grey matter(doubt if its still grey) with one final exam,so opened my laptop to write something.Last exam always amuses me,the thought of a long holiday after the exam and the fear of screwing up the exam out of amusement.Planning to do something different tomorrow for the last exam,may b have a breakfast n take a bath before the exam,may b not forget my cheatsheet or may be complete the exam within time,well lets see how it goes.Will be back with the the most exciting part of Paradise on earth-the part III.Cant write anything else now especially when my roomie is so loudly(literally) asleep.


4 Responses to “Last day of exams”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    keep it up your blog… its good… and blogging is a great hobby.. dont use blogs for auto biography… no one reads it…

    u know me well

  2. 2 Maverick

    to anonymous:thx for ur compliment n on the lighter side my autobiography is not worth saying anyway.

    btw i didnt realize who’s this.

  3. 3 adhyayan

    so doing things differently did seem to pay well in the end..

  4. 4 Maverick

    to adhyayan::-)yep

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