Ham scene

Finally exams done ! did nothing different- didnt have breakfast,neither bath, photocopied frend’s cheat sheet and was the final one to return the answer paper.The only thing different was tht thought screwed up the exam but got good mks (whoa!!! r they mine?).

Anyways, said tht will continue with my Paradise on earth – part III but taking a break, cos iam feeling its becoming too lengthy and may beat the Harry Potter sequel.So let me take a break and continue.So here’s wat am i presenting- Ladies and Gentleman,the Ham scene of the week(or may b millenium)starring our very own balakrishna (a telugu superstar) in the shoes of tom cruise and perfectly blended with animal emotions (he???nope im not misspelling human emotions) which the Mission Impossible missed. I knw tht u already got tired of those forwards against balakrishna and have directed all the mails which have the word balakrishna or ‘nbk’ to ur spam.So im not gonna criticise him any more,just watch and enjoy!

PS:All rights of this video are reserved and no hollywood actor is allowed to reproduce or copy this flick.


2 Responses to “Ham scene”

  1. 1 adhyayan

    Ah!! dont tell me, you are under the magical influence of ‘The Wizard of IITR’!!!
    Like Pied Piper he is playing the tune of Balayya to ‘the mice and men’ of ASU.

  2. 2 Maverick

    to adhyayan:oooooo so IITR is to blame ! btw u cant resist that tune.

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