Convocation – The celebration of knowledge.


“Hellllllllllloooooo” “Why r u sounding so lazy?” “Im sleeping ra” This is what i was figured saying to my frend sunil yesterday on phone right in the mid of the day.It was a lazy day ofcourse and then he said “Shall we go to the convocation?” and my day was made (thx sunil for calling me).Yesterday was the convocation day for the ASU Engineering graduates.Weeks of sleepless nights, hours of restless lab sessions, loads of assignments, and the ‘dont know anything’ exams all have come to an end for a couple of people yesterday. While they r boozing in their wild graduation parties im happy im writing about them. The one i attended yesterday was the first convocation i ever attended.The only phrase tht comes to my mind to describe it is ‘The celebration of knowledge’.Hundreds of ASU Engineering graduates after a tough period of two years (may b more,thx to the advisor) were all assembled in Maroon and Gold (our colors) in the Wells Fargo Arena according to their majors. Parents, Grandparents, Spouses, Children, Friends everyone were there to share tht moments of joy with their proud graduates. So many people had come and so many ‘invisible’ people had reserved their seats tht we hardly found a seat for ourselves near the podium.After trying our luck for the seats we finally stood in the aisle to take some snaps.The security guy had already said (or do i call it ‘warned’) to get away frm the way,but we still stood there until he was almost about to throw us out if we didnt move.Nothing els to do we headed to the balcony seats.Then came the President Micheal Crow, he welcomed the class of 2006 and congratulated everyone.And then along came some dignitaries to speak a few words about graduates (and abt themselves too ofcourse).While we were figuring out the few senior friends we know in the crowd to catch a glimpse of their happiness (actually to c how they look in those graduation gowns), the ceremony started.Awards to the outstanding students and professors were awarded, no indian student among them as unexpected and there was Dr.Schroder in the list again as expected.And then the real convocation.First came the PhD’s to be awarded by their advisors (quite fare ! they’ve been waiting for this moment frm years) and then came the Masters.They were robing a blue ribbon across the necks of the students whose significance i still dont understand. While they got their degrees i could see the happiness of their parents,grandparents and spouses (“he’ll come home early atleast” one was saying).The ceremony was seeming to go for a long time, so getting a feel of the whole thing and getting tired a bit we returned. But jokes apart the convocation- the celebration of knowledge is like no other celebration.

IRA Fulton called them the Future of America, I call them the Future of Science.


2 Responses to “Convocation – The celebration of knowledge.”

  1. 1 adhyayan

    Must have been something! I could hear the ‘clebration noise’ over the phone when I called one of my friends who was in the audience. Some of the pictures that I saw, made me think that some Shakespeare act was on.

  2. 2 Maverick

    to adhyayan:never saw a shakespheare act but could imagine one frm this btw may b ‘celebration music’ would be apt 🙂

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