Laughing at my own posts

I was looking at my previous post feelings subliminal and was surprised to see myself laughing at it. I just wonder how can the same person think so differently in two different times, thoughts mutate so quickly. Some things which i thought to be right then seems so wrong now. Firstly America is not that bad place to be, Things change, life change and you have to move over, you cant have the same mornings and the same breakfasts everyday.My friend is quite ok and my grandmother would feel better in heaven.i still dont have an internship but i do have an assistantship and a good summer job which keeps me quite busy, busy enough not to get time to think of boredom.Not going to India in summer was actually a good idea as the people who went there are dying out of doing nothing.And i compensated the plan of India with a plan to the NewYork,India nahin tho newyork hi sahi (If not India then get satisfied with NewYork).

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