Missing connections

A call interrupted me today 7.30 in the morning after i had slept at 4.30am with a strong decision not to wake up until noon.It was a buddy from my Intermediate days whom i had lost contact with since then and we were talking after a period of 5 yrs.And iam afraid its the same case with almost all my Inter buddies.In my messanger i have a good classified groups of friends from my high school, engineering and masters but none existed for the Intermediate. My high school was in my home town where i often visit and my friends too, so there’s no possibility of a missing connection there.In the Engineering with the advent of Internet, e-mail and mobile phones keeping touch was no more a problem, it was the Intermediate which was the transition phase.I was out in a residential hostel and while departing after the good two years of boarding, we had filled our slam books by e-mail IDs and phone numbers but the concept of e-mails was not this popular then and we had barely created our IDs which changed after every couple of months.Some phone numbers changed and others were not available at the given phone numbers as they were land lines.So our connections got missed which i never hoped to recover.There was always this vent in my friends list. But as they say ‘A small world’ we met again.And i should say orkut made it possible. For the people who dont about it- its a ‘meet ur friends’ kinda place on the web where u have ur own profile and u can add friends and communities.U can communicate with them via the so-called ‘scraps’.A few days before i hesitated to join it cos my friends who were already in it picturised it as a ‘time-waste’ machine, but eventually i joined and im happy i did. It just brings you so close to people that u never really feel lost. And it had filled the vents in my friends list so beautifully (thx to orkut!) that my friends list never before seemed so complete, so perfect .

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