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Originally, i had written this as a comment on Mridula’s blog, but then i realized (with Mridula’s help ofcourse) that it had the potential to become a post in itself n so here it goes. It was 7.30 in the morning when we rushed to the railway station almost threatening the driver of our Hyundai […]

Steal a post


After two f**king hot days when our A/C went down and i had to sleep over in my friend’s appartment, im finally back to my appartment and blogging. When i was in my friend’s appartment a funny question came up, what would i steal given the chance to officially steal one thing from his appartment. […]

Predictable is the word, some like it, some dont. I dont. When you know where exactly will you be at this time tomorrow, what exactly will you be doing, what exactly will you be not doing, some call it systematic, others planning. I call it boring. Wake up at twelve noon, work (if there is […]

When the horizons met, moon broke up, earth divided, oceans merged and life ended, the sleeping Priyatham woke up and when he saw himself in the mirror, he was not himself anymore, he is a Maverick now, whose thoughts and actions cannot be bounded, whose breath know nothing but independence and who lives in a […]

NewYork Trip : A Special Post I had actually composed this as a part of my Bu’bye NewYork , but it had become so long that i thought why not publish this as a separate post as well. context : This was on Day – 4 when we were in Washington DC, We went to […]

A Day of Life


NewYork Trip – Day 2 According to our plans we had left the Day 3 and Day 4 for a visit to the Washington DC and as the Day 1 rained , we had only the Day 2 to see the NewYork City (NYC), the fact that all the tourist spots in NYC are located […]

NewYork Trip – Day 1 Escaping the wild heat of Arizona and passing through Denver,Colorado our flight landed in the Newark International airport, New Jersey (NJ) after a delay of 2hrs at 7pm local time.Monsoons welcomed us with their showers. While we were in the cab to reach our friend’s(he’s actually my cousin’s friend) place […]