I hate my family……..

nope ! dont think i said it, André Gide said “Family I hate you”. After reading a post in a friend’s blog about the love, the hatred, the relations, the feelings which a family shares i thought about the matter as well.Family has always been a small group of people for me being the only child. its just me,mom and dad.But the strength one gets from ones family is just amazing. Whenever one feels bad about something or think its the end of life, one can always go back to ones people and start it all over again.And this very feeling gives an immense confidence, a confidence which will never let one fail,may be they call this confidence the ashirwaad in the ancient mythology. I have seen big joint families some happy, some quarreling but all intact at times of sorrow and grief. Small family is what ive had and i should say i enjoy the attention that i get which might be impossible in a large family.Neverthless i strongly believe that the strength of the family doesn’t depend on its size but on the people who ‘make’ the family. When one feels that he hates his family its only b’cos of the instant rage and anger, and another point to make here is that we expect much from the people we really love and our heart just denies to accept the fact that even they have their fallacies, so when someone in the family looks lesser than what we expected him to be that extreme love is converted into an extreme hatred and we spend our lives in that illusion. Nonthless to say its again love which lies beneath the mask of such hatred.

PS : The title of the post was just meant to raise your appetite and im not at all personal about it.


2 Responses to “I hate my family……..”

  1. 1 GrasshopperBoy

    i too was raised in a small family…mum/dad/bro/me…i wudn’t have had it any other way…very true what u wrote about confidence and security coming from one’s family…its always nice to know no matter what happens one can always fall back on one’s family 🙂

  2. 2 Prash

    Nice to know that, my “family” post motivated to write a post on the same subject.

    I understand completely André Gide and why he said ” families are to be hated “…I think I have mentioned it in my post.

    You are right, it is not the size which matters but rather “the people” which maketh a family.

    But as you know, people have different lives and different experiences. There are many who told me that they don’t have a good relationship with their families. So let’s cherish that we have a good relationship with our family members inspite of our differences.


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