Letz go Newyork !

Summer vacation is on and being a travel buff i joined the group when my friend madhu was planning a trip to Newyork with his infy friends.The only place tht i have been to after coming to US is california apart from a one day quick getaway to Grand Canyon(you can read those experiences here and here respectively). I still remember what i had expected to shop once i was planning to come to US – a good fat jacket which can stop the cold from piercing my body, a couple of quilts, hand gloves, cap and muffler accompanied by some warm clothes. But to my utter amazement (or is dissappointment the right word?!) i found out that the place which i was actually coming was as hot as i would never imagine with the temprature going to 110 F in summer (thankgod i knew tht before shopping). So my picture of US had changed completely(apart from my shopping list), the hot rocks and dry dunes came in in place of snowfall and cactus plants in place of plush greenery. So i had always longed to see that part of US as well, going in summer i dont expect to see a snowfall and stuff but atleast i am thankfull i’ll be able to escape 110F for a good five days. Apart from just the excitement of beating the heat, i will get a chance to see all those things of which i have only read and dreamt- the statue of liberty, the empire state building, the niagara falls, the ground zero, the times squre, the central park, the wall street, the manhattan and the countless museums of NY. Im sure i will have lots of things to share with you guys after i come back.till then chow! c ya in Newyork.

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