But it rained……..

NewYork Trip – Day 1

Escaping the wild heat of Arizona and passing through Denver,Colorado our flight landed in the Newark International airport, New Jersey (NJ) after a delay of 2hrs at 7pm local time.Monsoons welcomed us with their showers. While we were in the cab to reach our friend’s(he’s actually my cousin’s friend) place where we had decided to stay, the tiny droplets of showers were peeping into our cab through the window which i had slightly opened.And after not seeing that amount of rain for almost an year, it was ofcourse a welcome change. We were cordially invited by the friends and we felt like home just after a couple of hours.As it was already late in the evening and we hadnt had any plans to go anywhere else that evening, I started boozing with my newly made friends.

It was only in the morning when i discovered the beauty which the rain left behind, there was a lot of greenery around (mind u NJ is called The Garden State) and all those trees lurching in the wind wet with rain, the smell of the soil and the small showers which occasionally visited through the small porches of those small, beautiful, individual homes was something which i was longing to see. While my friend was cursing the rain that it had spoilt our plans, i was silently enjoying it.And the negative connotations of the title of this post is just because it had modified our plans a bit, otherwise i was very happy that it rained. So now talking about the modifications, we planned to see the NewJersey on that day instead of going to NewYork. The first place that came to ourmind was the Indian street in the Jersey city, NJ.It was like a mini India where everything related to India can be seen and bought.Being hungry we checked into a Biryani house to have the gourmet Chicken biryani and later into a chat house to have a chat after one year.Once you are in that street you forget for a second that you are in america, with all those similar window displays, aroma of the indian spices coming from the adjacent grossery stores, idols flaunting their Indian wear in displays and people conversing in all the Indian languages.One can even find the paan centers as one does in India.(oops! forgot,we had a paan too). So after our appetites got satisfied, we headed to the Newark downtown.

Newark downtown was something like what we had never seen in America, it was very dirty ! It was habituated by a lot of african americans and no one really cared to follow the ‘rules’. No one bothered to throw the watse into the trash, there ws none to observe traffic rules and worst no one cared for one another. We almost got frustrated (or should i use frightened) by the atmosphere and were trying to leave it as soon as possible. Our next stop was the Jersey Gardens, which was a shopping mall claimed to be the biggest shopping mall of NJ. We exited that mall full of factory outlets of all the popular brands after a total of 4-5 hrs with only a T-Shirt and a couple of other small items. Our next stop was Hoboken. Hoboken is on the edge of the NewJersey on the banks of the Hudson river which is the natural boundry between the NewJersey and the NewYork. It is famous for the breath taking view of the downtown Manhattan that it offers.It was about 12’o clk in the night and after a rainy day, the cool breeze was sweeping through the banks. Hoboken is also popular for its night life but we restrained ourselves from checking into a night club though we had planned initially. After spending a couple of hours in the cool breeze and the scenic view, it was about 1-1.30 night when we headed back to our place.The mode of transport were mostly path-train and subway trains all along the way which are very special, trains being a very rare mode of transport in US.It was about two when we reached our place and it was surely the time to sleep after a tedious day.Catch you tomorrow morning.

Special mention:I cant resist but thank my cousin’s friends who accomodated us and made us feel like home whenever we were back after a tedious day.Special thanks to Pravin who’s been with us through out.The care he has taken about us was wonderful.


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