A Day of Life

NewYork Trip – Day 2

According to our plans we had left the Day 3 and Day 4 for a visit to the Washington DC and as the Day 1 rained , we had only the Day 2 to see the NewYork City (NYC), the fact that all the tourist spots in NYC are located close by and that the public transport system (which mainly consist of the subway trains) of NYC is great made things easy for us. So here it goes…..

The first visit planned was ofcourse the first place any one would visit in America, the Statue of Liberty.We got down at The World Trade Centre path station and zeroed in on the ground zero. This was the place where the international terrorism had shown its terror to the whole world and the devil emerged, this was where thousands of common men died before even knowing what was happening to them, these were the heights from which people jumped knowing that they wouldn’t survive anyway.People once used to see the heights, now they are seeing the holes and are talking about the ‘once’ heights. This was the financial centre of the world and now it has reduced to a graveyard, a place which has a sea of dried tears and cherished memories. The boards they kept across just gave a feel of what has happened. No human can help but mourn, a silent mourn going thru heart, the most powerful one.

As we crossed the streets, we could see the island which proudly beholds the lady liberty. We got on a ferry to reach her and as the ferry was going nearer, my heart was racing faster. It was the beautiful lady which i longed to see.Finally we reached the island awe struck and taking pics of the lady in as many ways as we could. We took an audio tour which comprised of the some speeches of the ‘then’ people.It was gifted to America by the French on their 100th Independence day and many days the Americans saw it as a French monument. The Island was rightly chosen as the place for the lady liberty to stand overlooking the downtown manhattan and giving America a sense of true liberty. People enthralled by its beauty and inspired filled their hearts with joy and souls with enlightenment.

Our next stop was the tallest scraper in America (i still argue on this topic with my friends), The Empire state building.Normally visiotors were allowed to the 86th floor and a special ticket allows one to go to the 102 floor. We decided not to be special. There was this long never ending queue thru which one had to pass and i was wondering if it lasted for the whole 86 floors.While my friends were going crazy for this chinese gal right a few people behind us, we came to the end of the queue.We took an elevator to reach the 86th floor and my estimate of the time it would take to reach the top went entirely wrong.We ascended the floors quite quickly infact so quickly that we could feel the pressure change in our ears which one usually experiences during a flight take off. As we reached the top, the view was voooooooowwwwsome (sorry had to create a new adjective for this).The guard had informed us that one can see three states on a clear day but unfortunately it was a bit cloudy then. Neverthless, the view was even breathless overlooking the whole of NYC and literally giving the ‘top of the world’ feeling. We took some amazing pics of the views and set off for our next destination.

The next stop was The Times Squre, the most happening spot of the NewYork City.When we were on the 42nd street and Broadway of the NYC, we knew this had to be The Time Squre. It glowing with lights like a starry night – electronic ads, taxis, people, life ! vow, this was my place, it was so full of life that i was goin crazy being at the ‘centre’ of the world, i recorded two or three videos hoping to flaunt them to my friends. While taking pics in every possible angle, it rained again. Vow ! iam even seeing the times squre in rain. But the life never stopped there, rain was ofcourse so insufficient to stop that magnitude of life. Only people’s walk turned into jog, windows of taxis raised and umbrellas opened.But nothing stopped, it was all the same and i wondered if anything could stop it, if anything could ever make it sleep.Now i know why is NewYork called the city that never sleeps.

We did not realize that it was already late in the night while we were still hanging out at the times squre, so our next stop was The Brooklyn Bridge. After reaching the spot in a subway train, we saw so

many parallel bridges which looked so alike that we were confused which one of them was the Brookly bridge, Thanks to the sign posts which showed us the way and after a pause we were walking on the Brookly bridge. Only pedestrians and bikes were allowed to go onto the bridge and there was a special path besides for the cars and other motor vehicles to go. We started walking on the bridge, enjoying the magnificent view around and the serenity of the Hudson river flowing beneath and in no time we were on the other side of the bridge.

Now was the million dollar question whether to go home or to go to the wall street which hosted the Newyork stock exchange and its famous bull.Being tired to death and late to heaven, we decided to go to the Wall street another day if possible and returned home. It was already 2 in the morning and we had to get up early the next day to set off to the Washington DC.So time to take some rest.C ya in DC.

PS:Did we finally go to the Wall street? Keep guessing.


3 Responses to “A Day of Life”

  1. 1 Mridula

    How does it feel to stand at Time Square?

  2. 2 Maverick

    @mridula: u get the real feel of the newyork city at the times squre,streets glowing with lights brighter than stars, endless people in their hurry surely more than u have ever seen. i donno abt others but i got a ‘conquered the wrorld’ feeling.btw thankyou so much for stopping by, its an honor.

  3. 3 Mridula

    Maverick, I try to read as much travel blogs as possible and believe me I am just another blogger!

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