Tale of the lost camera

NewYork Trip : A Special Post

I had actually composed this as a part of my Bu’bye NewYork , but it had become so long that i thought why not publish this as a separate post as well.

context : This was on Day – 4 when we were in Washington DC, We went to a cafe to have our morning breakfast and then to The Jefferson memorial where i discovered that i had forgotten my camera in the cafe.

When we reached The Jefferson Memorial, i reached for my camera and did not find it, and suddenly a thought hit me, i must have forgotten it in the cafe. I had bought this cam just 2 months back, it was a Sony DSC – W50, and i loved it so much. Not knowing what to do and what not to do, i asked the driver of the bus if he could take me back to the cafe while all other people where enjoying the memorial. But according to the schedule only 30 mins was alloted to the Jefferson memorial and to rush to the cafe it would atleast take 20 mins, and then another 20 for being back, so on the whole it would atleast take 40 mins assuming no traffic on the roads of DC, but the traffic was so heavy that we could imagine how long it could be stretched and more annoying is the fact that everyone else had to wait just for me. The bus driver had asked us to take a cab.After enquiring the address of the place where we had stopped for breakfast our adventure of calling a cab started. Calling a cab from nowhere is the worst part as they always rely on one if one gives them his exact address. At the entrance of the Jefferson memorial was nowhere exact. It was sure that we were not going to come back in time so i was hoping to catch the tour back on their next stop, which was The Roosevelt Memorial. So the decision to make at the moment was if i would be going alone or not. I did not intend my friends to miss out one location for me, so as i had urged them to stay back , they insisted to come with me though. So finally my friend Anand decided to accompany me and Madhu decided to stay back so as to facilitate the communication with us and the tours (Thx to both u guys). We were calling this infinite number of telephone numbers which we were seeing on the cabs passing by but no one was responding properly (and that was because of our approximate address i guess), when someone had even noted everything, no cab was coming and when we called back to enquire the response was ‘we are still trying to figure out to contact a cab to send to u’ gosh they havent even contacted the cab. While i was going thru this hysteria , it was already half hour and the tours was already about to go to their next stop. It became so obvious that we may not even catch them there, so we were found out what the stop after the next was. She said it was The Lincoln Memorial and said ‘we are going back to the NewYork City by 1:30’, gosh!!! does that imply to warn us to come atleast by 1:30(mind u it was 10:30 then). Deciding that this calling for cabs thing was not gonna work, we decided we get into the road and pester and try to stop every cab we saw. While we were trying to stop tha cabs in all the wild ways we could, a cab had already passed by unstopped. The next cab was coming and i was already going to jump on its way to make it stop while its side indicators glowed. Thank god he was stopping. We got into quickly and said him the address. While he was taking us thru the streets of Washington DC, my brain was going thru these several questions, ‘what if after taking these many efforts and going back, if its not there’, ‘it had costed alltogether $270,all in vain?’, i replied ‘i will think i never had bought one’ when my friend had asked nothing. Finally when we arrived at the skyline cafe , i got down and rushed into the cafe, i had remembered i left it where i was making my coffee, when i saw there was nothing. goshhhhh, isnt it there, did i LOST it? The million dollar question, with the slightest hope i approached the cashier and said ‘i forggooo……….’, she said ‘one minute’ and bent down to take my camera out of the closet. Thank goddddddd i had found it finally. In a rage of happiness i was almost galloping when i was getting into the cab back. We asked him to take to the Lincoln memorial.

It was only 10 mins after we reached The Lincoln Memorial did the tour guys came there, we joined them finally. In the process i (and my friend ofcourse)had missed The Roosevelt memorial, but we were left with a different experience.


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