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After two f**king hot days when our A/C went down and i had to sleep over in my friend’s appartment, im finally back to my appartment and blogging. When i was in my friend’s appartment a funny question came up, what would i steal given the chance to officially steal one thing from his appartment. I said treadmill naaa……. may be shoe rack and then a hundred more things. And this idea struck – what would i steal if i were allowed to officially steal one post from each blogger and pass them on as my own and then they would delete that post from their blog and never complain. Especially being a budding blogger this idea fascinated me quite. So here goes my list.

Amrita, infact i would love to steal more than one post from her, but since i have only one choice i would steal “of linear and non linear” from her. I could then boost of rejecting a stanford admit, claim that quote to be mine, and get the credit to interpret about a clinkless system.

Frida, this post about time is what i would steal from her among the ones that i have read.I wish i could be that dreamy, and travel back and forth in time without an actual time machine.

GrasshopperBoy, my very inspiration to start a blog. I loved this post of his and i hope to steal it to my credit so as to express myself so clearly without the risk of being called ‘senti’.

L>T, she has unfortunately deleted the post which i would love to steal. Its very easy to speak the upsides of ourselves and our family but it takes a lot of courage to speak about the counterparts. I wish i had that courage.

Mridula, more than a post i would love to steal this pic from her and flaunt it to people as mine.

Adhyayan, though not a post on its own, i wish i would’ve seen this link before her to keep on my blog which says that any two persons in the world could be connected by atmost five intermediaries.

Prash, without even thinking for a second i would steal this post of his on Family. I’d love to be so politically incorrect as he does in this post. As a tribute i have also posted another post on that post.

Shruthi, I would want to pass this post of hers as my own as i always had ‘the-same-kinda- thoughts-but-never-cared-to-write’ feeling about this post.

PS: The ones i have listed are only the ones among i read, if i read the entire blogs im sure i’d be more greedy.


26 Responses to “Steal a post”

  1. 1 Frida

    Cool! I might steal your idea to see whose posts I would steal!!

  2. 2 L>T


  3. 3 L>T

    you know I deleted that post because the emotions involved were too painful for me to continue looking at.
    when i put it up i wasn’t sure it would be the right idea, cause i thought what would people think?
    But, it was how i was feeling at the moment & affecting how i was innterating with everyone, so i thot I’d be honest about what is going on in my life.

    Maybe I alienated some people & they will think bad of me, but The support i got from everyone really helped alot.

  4. 4 Maverick

    @frida: thx 😛

    @l>t:i understand, its always gr8 to retrospect the beautiful things in life and forget the pains.i once again admire ur courage, i ‘d not dare to speak of the gray areas of my life in this blog.n cheer up 😛 its time to get back to the clam recepies n our obscene phone calls.

  5. 5 L>T

    Ha ha. I feel better already. Now, Where were we?

  6. 6 Maverick

    @l>t: we were being diplomatic abt the private prisons.(mannnnnnn ! i feel intelligent talkin such stuff:P)

  7. 7 L>T

    Hey, it doesn’t take intellegence but compassion for the fellow man.
    All this incarceration & exploiting by Corporations is playing a huge role in creating & maintaining a permanent under-class in the U.S. that’s bad.

    Not many people give a hoot what happens to these people.

  8. 8 Shruthi

    If that were possible, I would have a lot of stealing to do :D`

  9. 9 Prash

    @ the comments you made in my post,

    Now you have pictures in my blog. hahahaha 🙂

    Yes I am from Kerala. I shall check out the link one of these days, when I am more free. Thanks for the link.

  10. 10 Prash

    I shall get back here and read your posts. What ? you are stealing my post ? how dare you!!!!wait , i’ll get back …got to go now.

  11. 11 Maverick

    @l>t : yes i do agree, evryone seems to take advantage of those people n none care.but i wonder y this issue is not being projected in a big way, i didnt knw this until i read ur post.

    @shruthi : really?! then to know abt ur thefts i shd ve tagged u.

    @prash : can we use an euphemism for stealing ie ‘inspired’ as most of the people do :-), btw thx for stopping by.

  12. 12 Mridula

    I definitely would steal the comment you left on the train post. And if possible I would steal that experience itself! Blog it, blog it.

  13. 13 Prash

    Hello Thief,

    You can steal my posts. Those are my thoughts. If you steal them, then you have to defend it. If you think you can defend my thoughts…go ahead, buddy! I ain’t gotta copywright…neither do I ask.

  14. 14 Prash


  15. 15 L>T

    some woman i know told me about this fun trick you can play on friends for their birthday.
    Say, a group of friends go to the victums house for a party or maybe just drop by. Everyone steals something from them, something small, A nick-nack or something that won’t be missed too much
    Then when their birthday comes you wrap it up & give it back as a gift.

  16. 16 Prash

    @ maverick,

    Euphemism is much better, Yes!

    @ l>T,

    nice idea, when exactly is birthday ?

    PS: Still keeping your birthday a secret ? is it over or yet to come?

  17. 17 Frida

    To nick an idea or two, isn’t that why we blog? To share our info with the world. Like a diary but it talks back.

    L>T isn’t your birthday right around mine? I’m July 16— I’ll be 18 twice!

  18. 18 Maverick

    @mridula:smile…i just scanned the pics, u will c it soon,probably the very next post.

    @prash:u will help me in defending too, won’t u 😀

    @l>t: vowww funniest bday idea tht ive ever heard, n we were still thinking of tht pop-up gift boxes :D, n as everyone is asking when is ur bday, jus say the date n month , u don need to say the year ;D

    @frida:a diary, yes only tht we dont mind if others read it :D.n frida darling so u r turning sweet X6 this year.

  19. 19 L>T

    I just had mine june 23. Tryed to keep a low profile.

  20. 20 L>T

    I’m older then frida younger then j_g the same age as ibadairon.

  21. 21 kandykane

    hey ! that’s my idea 😉 i had thought of that too; but chickened out for obvious reasons.. nice entry though.. i would have defiinitely stolen a treadmill if i could.. i need some exercise badly !

  22. 22 Mridula

    I will eagerly wait for the post. make it your next post, please.

  23. 23 adhyayan

    wow.. have you created an uproar.. anyways its a GREAT post…

  24. 24 Maverick

    @l>t: not fair ! didnt inform us of ur bday.anyways belated happy bday.

    @kandykane:so finally i succesfully stole someone’s post before they had actually posted it :D.btw my final choice was the treadmill too.

    @mridula:the post is ready for u madam.hope u like it.

    @adhyayan: thx a lot n abt the uproar, yes ! u knw i can actually hear it 😀

  25. 25 Mridula

    Maverick look where that picture that you wanted to steal actually landed. Follow this link and take a look at picture number 3.

  26. 26 Maverick

    @mridula: congratulations ! the pic landed where it ought to be.u deserve an appalause for this. cheers !

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