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I completed the book i always wanted to read. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, a semi biography of a syrian christian family set in the village of Ayemenen in Kerala, India. Winner of the Booker prize. The story starts with the unison of two separated twins (two-egged twins) and then lurches back […]

In the age of biometric identifications where ones identity seems nothing more than ones finger prints and ones retina scan, what does a mere name signify? well, strangely it still does a lot. Remember the last time when you heard the name of a visiting guest and you imagined how he would look like, or […]

Mumbai Mayhem


May the dead rest in peace May the alive awake from sleep

“I would do my MS in america and after completing my education, i will return to India to find a job in my area which is ever increasing in India” This would sound so politically correct and so did another 59,999 students said the same thing to the VISA officer in American consulate, India while […]

Inequalities Ivory tover, roofless homes $10 icecream in trash, $1 bread for the day Luxuries catered, needs left fortunate, unfortunate Red, Blue Inequalities, perfect balance Inarticulate enough to frame sentences Intense enough to let go Aftermath of reading these posts from L>T, shruthi and alka.