Intense emotions, Subliminal level

Ivory tover, roofless homes
$10 icecream in trash, $1 bread for the day
Luxuries catered, needs left
fortunate, unfortunate
Red, Blue
Inequalities, perfect balance

Inarticulate enough to frame sentences
Intense enough to let go

Aftermath of reading these posts from L>T, shruthi and alka.


9 Responses to “Intense emotions, Subliminal level”

  1. 1 Alka

    Maverick, thank you very much for writing such a short and beautiful post, and not rediculing that teenger.

  2. 2 L>T

    so, is this good or bad for me?

  3. 3 Shruthi

    Amazing how just half a dozen lines express so much turmoil!

  4. 4 Maverick

    @alka: I wonder im being thanked for not ridiculing tht teenager. isnt tht the natural way anyone is expected to react, i cant believe people ridicule him.

    @l>t: It is good, so good that u’ve made me think something meaningful after quite a time.

    @shruthi:turmoil, i believe comes out of the basic frustration because of inequalities.

    @everyone: firstly, i thank you three for such meaningful posts.when i read them, so much was goin thru my head and i wasnt able to frame a sentence out of them, so finally i took the help of these raw words goin in my mind instead of trying to make lines out of them.

  5. 5 Alka

    If you read comments in this and this posts, you will understand what I am saying. Here I am not mentioning the counter posts which these writings generated. I am amazed at the amount of cynicism these two posts generated.That’s why I thanked you for understanding the kids emotions.

  6. 6 Maverick

    @alka: got it alka, but the thing is that u were not infringing on someone’s property or advising someone how to spend his money. If amitabh was spending tht money having a vacation in hawaii, im sure u wouldn’t have cared.but bcos he is anyways investing tht for something other than his personal cause, u just thought of a nobler one.

  7. 7 Alka

    Exactly, my sentiments.Thanks for understanding. And waiting for your next post.

  8. 8 L>T

    here is something i believe about charity:

    If you give with the best intent in your heart & the money leaves your hand, & you truely give it, it’s no longer your worry. Otherwise, you haven’t really given it.

    Do you know what I mean?

    For instance if you give money to someone that looks needy, because you have compassion, then you see them go in a bar…so what? Are you going to take back your compassion?

  9. 9 Maverick

    @alka: my pleasure 🙂

    @l>t: i completely agree with u.

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