Does Name Matter?

In the age of biometric identifications where ones identity seems nothing more than ones finger prints and ones retina scan, what does a mere name signify? well, strangely it still does a lot.

Remember the last time when you heard the name of a visiting guest and you imagined how he would look like, or did you ever repent on your name? May be you felt you should have a different name for the person you are.

Name along with it brings an identity and an image of a person. When i hear a name, a picture of how that person might be frames in my mind, sometimes out of some other person i know with the same name and sometimes out of nothing.

My Mary is a much soft spoken, shy and sweet girl where as my Maria bursts out of energy, outgoing and has attitude.

I can also imagine their physique besides their behaviour, some names make me assume (presume ?!) a slim, good-looking, tall person and some the other way around. Perhaps, i can feel what the names of some people should be by just looking at them and rule any other name as a misfit.

What does Name really bring with itself, is it just a beautiful bridge of letters or is it a picture of a person or is it just my Hallucination.


15 Responses to “Does Name Matter?”

  1. 1 Frida

    Names are an abstract. They are a way of classifying and quantifying our surroundings. You’re name changes as you move through life. The pet name a parent gives you, the secret name from the special someone, student, teacher, guy number 3 in episode 86, mother/father from your children and so on.

    This is one of the things that make us interesting. We have been given names to create a mental map from inert material. Words are only symbols which mean nothing. It is our projection we place in them.

    Mary, for you is soft spoken, but for me she may curse like a sailor. Are we speaking of the same person? No. The abstract symbols are the same. Such as orange, until you have more information, you can’t make a decision which symbol I am referring.

    Did you read the research suggesting dolphins use names for each other? And might even call each other names!

  2. 2 adhyayan

    hey frida’s comment made an excellent read!!
    some parallel in how much can a name or voice get you guess teh person right…
    Names: the ones that you get as you live, some you want to shake off..
    For me, more than seeing if its apt for the person.. i am inetrested in knowing their meanings.
    And you wont believe, I came to know what Surakanti means.. when my Kasmiri Boss told me what it means.
    ‘Sura’ is poison and ‘Kanti’ you know.. neck.. so,it refers to Lord Siva…

  3. 3 Maverick

    @frida:n those changing names seems significant as well, when someone call us with our pet name we feel close to them.The mental maps sometimes become so strong tht we start liking some people just because of their name.

    n yes i read the article which suggests tht dolphins might be using names for one another, n to add to it they have their own dialects too πŸ˜€

    @adhyayan:knowing the meaning of the names is ofcourse interesting, but as time goes people seem to be on this constant quest to find out new, different and unique names to name their beloved n not really bother if it has a meaning or not.n frida’s comments are always as interesting, sometimes more interesting than my posts themselves πŸ˜€

  4. 4 L>T

    Hi maverick! my real name is Dian Selena, what does that make you think of as compared to l>t (lusty tart)?

  5. 5 Maverick

    @l>t:Selena gives me an impression of a suave business women, always in her dark blue business suit, neatly trimmed hair n petty ear rings.beaming with confidence n style.n tht is selena as a first name.

    dian as a first name gives me an impression of a short haired women dressed in bright colored floral skirts, with a pink blusher on the cheek bone pinker than it should be and a scarlet red lipstick, medium height n always sporting high heels.

    lusty tart gave me an impression of an 50 yr old women wearing a skirt extending below the knees, and bulging out at the stomach due to that extra fat which has accumulated in several places out of the lack of care, short hair and a jovial personality (i said u before my perception of fat people is jovial).

    but after seeing ur pic in ur last post, i certainly know u r none of these.i sure imagine a lot.

  6. 6 sharda

    You know some times just having a certain name leaves a great impact on your personality.Ofcourse not always but you cant deny that.

  7. 7 L>T

    That was a very interesting perception of my name. My first name ‘Dian’ is short for Diana a Roman goddess of the hunt & the moon. My middle name ‘Selena’ is a Greek moon goddess. My parents were big into mythology when I was born.

    Of course Lusty Tart ‘l>t’ is a persona. She is a busty blonde boozer, who would hug a boy like you to her bosums until he swooned. ;]

  8. 8 L>T

    Maverick…How do i imagine you?

    I used to know a Yugoslavian guy named Bronco (like the horse, a bucking bronco) I think of him when i talk to you. Maverick-Bronco…see the connection?
    Cowboy terms.
    These names makes me think of young stallions. ;]

  9. 9 Maverick

    @sharda:really?i have always perceived people according to their names but never thought of this.n i wonder if it really impacts their personality or do we somehow try to realte their personality to their name.

    @l>t:so u n the moon seems to be twin sisters, i like the name l>t more though πŸ˜‰

    n well, maverick is my persona, to help people get the image i used a pic too, i want this to be an aggressive, independent young man who actually knows wat he wants. but cowboy is alright i have always fantasized myself as a cowboy, so im happy tht u percieve me tht way ;-), n say my hi to ur yugoslavian friend.

  10. 10 L>T

    l>t also embarasses Dian Selena. :O
    Bad l>t!

  11. 11 Prash


    You are totaly right about the names Mary and Maria..

    Mary – more anglo-saxon..calm and quiet..

    Maria – more latin…fun and loud …

    What about common names like John, Peter,David, or like mine Prashant ?

  12. 12 Maverick

    @prash:hhhhmmmm common names.good point.may be we perceive them to be very common, u knw the kinda face which makes us feel we have seen it before, no distinct characters, no distinct personality,just one among the crowd.n if anyone having tht common name has played an important role in ones life, tht perception dominates for sure.i guess these names are more like a liquid which pours in and take the shape of the character after we meet them.n in ur case i saw all ur pics the very first time i visited ur blog, so nothing’s left to my imagination πŸ™‚

  13. Hey Maverick,
    This is EXACTLY what I do too. I think its possible to imagine how people might look based on their names. In India its easy especially. Nice post!

  14. Well said!

    Sometimes, hearing a modern name I might have imagined the person will be like this or that. But, when I meet the person face-to-face, am awestuck!

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