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Time for a long weekend! Being from a country of thousand festivals and holidays i wondered why people go crazy over just an added holiday to a weekend. But getting bugged with work and routine , im going nuts this long weekend. People keep inquiring about others plans and its a pity if one doesn’t […]

My fantasy started with Mr.India a film where the main lead of the movie has a kool electronic gadget which makes him invisible. Then came the Hollowman who satiate all his sexual desires while being invisible.And ofcourse there’s a Harrypotter with his invisible cloak and Susan Storm of the fantastic four among dozens of other […]

I watched a movie where the protagonist is gonna die in a month and his Doc says “How many days of your life do you remember? 10 days, 20 days , 30 days? make these 30 days the days you will remember, life should be big not just lengthy.” Im not gonna die but let […]

As they say everything looks beautiful in retrospection and summer is no exception. After a summer break of three months its time to go back to school again. A nostalgia creeps into me when anything comes to an end – a good movie, a book, a trip and this summer for sure. This was my […]

New arrivals, Confusions, Courses, Awe-strucks, Girls, Professors, Bank accounts, Landmarks, Appartments, Departments, Accents, Sweets, Thoughts, Smiles, Tears, Homesickness, Jobs, Fundings, Doubts, Friends, Crushes – it started all over again. Yes, Its time for another Fall semester. With Indians being the majority among the international students in our university, Students from different parts of India started […]