Another New Start


New arrivals, Confusions, Courses, Awe-strucks, Girls, Professors, Bank accounts, Landmarks, Appartments, Departments, Accents, Sweets, Thoughts, Smiles, Tears, Homesickness, Jobs, Fundings, Doubts, Friends, Crushes – it started all over again. Yes, Its time for another Fall semester.

With Indians being the majority among the international students in our university, Students from different parts of India started pouring from the last three days. And its like seeing ourselves agian from someone else’s eyes. We are doing now what ISA and our seniors did for us. Picking them up from the airport, providing them with a temporary accomodation until they find their own place, helping them out with the general formalities and queries.

We were exactly in the same place they are today and some how silently enjoying our superior sense.

PS: This is the reason u didn’t find my comment on ur latest posts.


6 Responses to “Another New Start”

  1. 1 L>T

    I think it’s great that you are helpful to the new students. Not just the pretty girls, I hope? 😉 It can’t be time to go back to school, already…has it cooled off weather-wise, yet?

  2. 2 Maverick

    @l>t:im trying not be biased :),strangely when people in CA r dieing out of sunstrokes, AZ has cooled down. There was a heavy rain a week back n tempratures haven’t gone above 105 since.jus keeping our fingers cross tht weather will remain the same n our school starts frm 21 aug irrespective of anything.

  3. 3 Frida

    Does this mean you have a new student staying with you?

  4. 4 Maverick

    @frida:yep! not just one, two new students

  5. 5 sharda

    Hey it always feels good to be superior,no matter in what way.

  6. 6 Maverick

    @sharda: first of all sorry for the late reply, i was feeling lost.n yes it feels so good to be superior

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