How many days of ur life do u remember?


I watched a movie where the protagonist is gonna die in a month and his Doc says
How many days of your life do you remember? 10 days, 20 days , 30 days? make these 30 days the days you will remember, life should be big not just lengthy.

Im not gonna die but let me see how many days of my life do i remember without struggling hard.

The day when our electricity was gone and we sat on the terrace in the moonlight with my mom feeding me the food i used to refuse.

The day i came crying home bcos i wasnt able to understand the language of the new place that we had shifted to.

The day my Dad and I had an accident, he was bleeding and he was asking me “Are you ok?”

The day my dad bought me my first video game.

The day i cried in my classroom refusing to accept a punishment given by my classteacher.

The day i got the best outgoing student award in my school.

The day when we saw our first adult movie.

The day we friends missed out the last bus to our destination in the midnight and sat in the bus stop not knowing what to do.

The day i recieved a call from my old friend with whom i lost contact.

The day of farewell in our college.

The day i went back home after getting my student visa to US.

The day i landed up in US.

Now im beginning to struggle hard to remember some more days. Life may not be a melodrama comprising of twists and turns that would unfold into humongous changes or may be it is, but the things which leave impressions need not be big, the small things that make one smile, make one embarass, make one to feel to live those moments once again.The small things that didnt matter, the small things that matter.

You may be capable of great things, But life consists of small things. -Den Ming~Dao

update : I declare an open tag, if u wanna sport with this idea, write in ur place how many days of ur life do u really remember at the first instance without much struggle.


19 Responses to “How many days of ur life do u remember?”

  1. 1 travel plaza

    Awesome post Maverick! We so often and so easily forget the important, yet simple pleasures in life. Thanks for reminding me to think back and remember all the fun stuff in my life too. But I have to say, I think we gals remember a little bit more than you guys:))what say?

  2. 2 Maverick

    @travel plaza: these are the days i remember without much struggle, the days tht come to mind at the very first instant. gals remember more??? i donno generally , but they dont seem to forget the mistakes by guys 😉

  3. 3 Frida

    You have had such a full life for such a young padawan. I can’t wait to hear of the ones yet to come which are wrapped in silk and added to your memory box.

    Deep breath, the writing site is up

  4. 4 sharda

    A very interesting post indeed.When I look back I cant think of any thing which is memorable for life long.Does that mean I dont have any good memory at all?
    I puzzeled after reading your blog.

  5. 5 Maverick

    @frida:yep, i feel im quite fortunate to have a balanced childhood, im lookinf fwd for my new experiences too, wondering wat will i write abt the same topic 10 yrs frm now 🙂

    yep, i stopped by ur writing site, it looks gr8 n promising, im looking fwd to learn a lot frm tht

    @sharda:remember sharda, jus give it a serious thought, u will remember the day ur mom taught u how to make ur hair into a plait, the day u shared ur lunch box with ur friends, the day u first met ur husband, anything at all, how’d u forget?

  6. 6 adhyayan

    hey cool blog… there are some parallels.. the day my dad and I met with an accident.. nothing major happened.. we just decided we wont tell mom..;-)

  7. 7 L>T

    If I wrote down days I remembered it would take too many pages. The difference is, you are young with less days, I have had twice as many.
    I rememeber romances I’ve had, children being born, marriages, people I’ve loved that have passed away. unfulfiled desires, regrets, goals I’ve acomplished, failures.phew! makes me tired just thinking about it!

  8. 8 Maverick

    @adhyayan:thx :-), my dad insisted the same, however i told mom.

    @l>t:im sure, u have many such memories in ur kitty, how abt the first 10 things u remember? or do all the memories come to u gushing at the same time :-)?

  9. 9 L>T

    your last comment seems a little suggestive, but it’s prob. just me thinking tartish. ;]

    If you want me to go back to the very first memory I have… it’s of me standing in a crib crying in a empty room.

    What is your very first memory as far back as you can remember?

  10. 10 hima

    woaw!!!.. beautiful memories huh???

    now… lemme make my list !!!

  11. 11 Maverick

    @l>t:hhhhhmmmmm ur memory is much stronger, the first memory tht i can go back to is standing in the balcony of my empty house n waiting for my mom to return from work n the other one is writing an exam in my pre-school where i was asked to write all abcd’s in order.

    @hima:welcome to my blog, im longing to see ur list but i can’t access ur blog, is it down or is the address wrong?

  12. 12 rakesh

    cool blog dude…nice post..saw ur blog after many days

  13. 13 Vj

    Wonderful thoght .I agree we remember jut a few days and rest of them are lost in deep crevices of our brain ………Hmmm let me think I guess this should be my list

    * The day I got my 10th Result
    * The Day i got my 12th result
    * The day when I was operated .
    * The day I got my pay packet.
    * The day I was dumped.
    * The day I landed my first big job..

  14. 14 Maverick

    @rakesh:good to c u here, thx for stopping by 🙂

    @vj:hhhhmmmmm quite an interesting n balanced list, the day tht i will land up in my first big job is yet to come for me :-).

  15. 15 Alka

    What a good and REAL post. Wishing you more such days who are warm and heartwarming. I generally don’t write personal matters on my blog, otherwise I would have considered myself tagged. 😦

  16. 16 White Forest

    hmm…for me everyday is a new day! but i try not forget my lessons!

  17. 17 Maverick

    @alka:thx for considering the tag sure everyone has such wonderful memories only one needs to recollect

    @white forest:i wish i could remember the lessons too 🙂

  18. 18 Sudipta Chatterjee

    Ahh.. beautiful post, sire!

  19. 19 Maverick

    @sudipta:thx for stopping by 🙂

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