Wanna become invisible?

My fantasy started with Mr.India a film where the main lead of the movie has a kool electronic gadget which makes him invisible. Then came the Hollowman who satiate all his sexual desires while being invisible.And ofcourse there’s a Harrypotter with his invisible cloak and Susan Storm of the fantastic four among dozens of other characters in science fiction books and movies who are capable of becoming invisible.

The concept of invisibility seems to go beyond these movies and books. These are the interesting articles i found on net.

“Last month I revealed that the so-called “Stealth Program” has succeeded in developing a kind of electromagnetic invisibility shield. This technique makes an object invisible from a distance by distorting light waves in its vicinity. A whole new fleet of Phantom war-planes are now going into crash production that use this principle; and, my friends, all of the secret American Bolshevik navy ships have already been outfitted with similar Stealth-field equipment! The Stealth principle is actually easier to apply to ships than to airplanes because there is more room for the powerful equipment that generates the field.” Says Gatago.com

β€œOnly static objects can be made invisible for the time being, as during motion the radiation frequency changes. But soon it will be possible to create a cap of darkness and a magic cloak like Harry Potter’s,” this scientist believes.

“The cover would stop light from scattering by resonating at the same frequency as the light striking it. If such a device could cope with different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation (including visible light), in theory, the object would vanish into thin air.” was found here

Invisibility Achieved??
As one has noted, in both London and NY, attempts have been made, as in the 30’s, to produce invisibility by warping light rays in an electromagnetic field.
In 1934 in London, there was demonstrated in a public hall apparatus which was perhaps suggested by the fantasy of the late H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man.”
A young scientist wearing what he called an Electro-Helmet and a special Mantle went into a cabinet open at the front before a brilliantly lit stage and with both hands touched contact gloves which were over his head.
An electric current was switched on and the man’s body gradually vanished from feet to head!
One could step up and touch him but could not see him.
Nor did the camera reveal the secret for it depicted only what the eye saw.
The inventor refused to reveal his secret which he said was the work of many years of experiments.
All one could see was the development of a cone of light such as might be projected between the two poles of a powerful transmitter.
This cone persisted even when the man could not be seen.
The inventor had succeeded in doing on stage in public what a dematerializing apparition is alleged to do in a haunted house.
Whether he developed the powers of some new or previously discovered ray and created an opaque screen I am unable to say.

I found this conspiracy here

Iam neither a scientist nor interested in validating the authenticity of these news, but if invisibilty ever achieved, how would life be different?Well, in a whole lot of ways but lets not go into the military implications and what so ever.

There will be someone else to suspect besides the kid in your neighbourhood when someone knocks your door and none turns up.

Couples will ask do u have the coat? instead of asking ‘do u have a place?’

There will be no more wondering what a person does all the day.

Free entries and shoplifting made easy.

Now, Iam starting to think what will be the top things i would do if i ever become invisible and a lot of fancy ideas are traversing my gray matter.Let me keep them for another post πŸ™‚


20 Responses to “Wanna become invisible?”

  1. 1 sharda

    Waiting very eagerly for that day.But I doubt this will ever happen in real .Lets hope for it!

  2. 3 Frida

    I want an invisible table cloth… Something I can throw over art clutter when friends come over. Ta DAH, the house looks neat!!!

    Did you notice in most of the invisible stories, the men went a little nutty?

    You need boarders such as visual boarders… You didn’t break the vase if you can’t see it…

    Scary thing…

  3. 4 Alka

    Oh! I hope that day never comes. This worls is already witnessing so much chaos, if one becomes invisible, our grey cell really refuse to think what catastrophe will bewaiting for for us. Leave aside war, terrorism will acquire new dimension.
    But I like reading your post. It’s different.

  4. 5 Sudipta Chatterjee

    Dude, an invisible mind will be blind!! πŸ˜€ … Think Physics, think sight, and then think invisibility!!

    But yes, there are a lot of things I could do even with a little blindness πŸ˜€

  5. 6 Maverick

    @sharda:even if it happens, im sure it will have a lot of limitations and it ‘d be prohibitively expensive. Or may be they’d make the technology available strictly for defense purposes. invisibility in common man’s life seems really too far.

    @frida:evn if u had an invisible table cloth u’d have to wrap things in it.better wrap them in the garbage bag n throw them away :-).yes i did observe tht all those men went a little nutty n btw the broken vase thing is really scary

    @alka:yeah, i completely agree with u, some technologies have more catastrophic applications rather than the good ones n invisibility certainly seems to be one of them.

    @sudipta:actually the concept seems to make invisible the things lying in it.seems like its a one way see thru cloak.yep, there r a lot of to do’s in my list already if i become invisible πŸ™‚

  6. 7 L>T

    that used to be one of my fantasys when i was a kid. I loved the idea of being invisible going into stores & stealing things mostly to eat & being able to observe without being observed. Wanting to Be invisible also has psychological implications sometimes. It’s a great subject.

  7. 8 Twisted DNA


    @Maverick: You forgot free movies, free airline travel, hmmm.. the possibilities are infinite.

    But didn’t H.G.Wells say that if you are invisible you will also be blind because no light will stop on your retina? πŸ™‚

  8. 9 travel plaza

    Very interesting post maverick. Got me thinking…I don’t think I’d want to be invisible. But like I said, its very intersting thought. BTW, loved the movie, Mr. India.

  9. 10 Maverick

    @l>t: yep, u can fantasize endless things on being invisible, but somehow it becoming true can cause hazards

    @twisted dna: free entries pretty much include everything πŸ™‚

    @travel plaza:Thx, wouldn’t u wanna spy on ur hubby πŸ˜‰

  10. 11 skydl

    I cannot wait for that day!! Becoming invisible would be freakin’ sweet! When they come out with any guaranteed way of being invisible, whether it be a device or whatever, and it’s been tested and everything, THEY SHOULD GIVE ME THAT DEVICE OR FORMULA OR WHATEVER IT BE!!!

  11. 12 Anonymous

    I first saw a spray can of invisibility paint in a cartoon show on Nickelodeon called SpongeBob SquarePants and thought “There has GOT to be an existing can of invisibility paint of some kind,” because the method I found in a Google Search for “how to become invisible” will take far too long. Besides, I thought my head was going to explode. Well, not really. Anyway, it says somewhere in the method I found online that it will take a few weeks to accomplish this goal, two months at most or something like that and I thought “Uh, no. I am NOT going to kill all my time trying to do something that will take a few weeks or more to do, because if I continue for more than at least maybe three or four, it will most likely cause me to resort to going down to a research center that is working on perfected invisibility and saying “Tell me how to become invisible or I’ll whack ya.” But then again, maybe I wouldn’t do THAT. I might say something like “God, I wish I was invisible so I can sneak into the girls’ locker room at school so I can do whatever sick, twisted, grotesque, tit/ass-related fantasy I wish to fulfill.” It’s irritit– irritating. I still hope that sometime in the future, becoming invisible will be an easy, short thing to do like going to the bathroom (depending on what you intend to do in there….) In fact, through all this with a little attempted comedic inputs, I have composed a brief rap about invisibility:

    I can’t wait for the day invisibility is likely to allow people like me to live out their invisible fantasies.

    I want to become someone who has the power to choose to remain nude after taking a shower,

    and not get seen; I wouldn’t be self-embarassing, because invisibility is my thing.

    Right now that is my primary objective, because having that power is how I want to live.

    There’s four rhymes for you and I hope you enjoyed reading them. Peace. And remember to stay away from drugs and alcohol; they’re bad, m’kay? And that doesn’t mean you should smoke either, m’kay?

  12. 13 Skydl

    That anonymous blog is mine; I clicked on the “anonymous” thing when I should have entered in the “other” part.

  13. 14 he also

    Dammit! I want the research institute to speed up the process in the whole ivisibility gig so we can ALL have the power of invisibility. If ot happens, best we use that power wisely.

  14. someones seems to be excited and anxious πŸ™‚

  15. i have been sleeping in locked doors betweeen 12 and 6 dawn but my things begin to miss many for example my coconut head oil which is what i need to nourish my brains in calafornia which i have heard is a artificial dessert and the reall thing is kashmir india and my tablets and my clothes and all indispensible things like colgate tooth brush etc but people navigate me to be a schizo which a little i am the protagonist i surly feel is my i dont mknow who but a old women sara thiaray and noman mohamedi mthe perpetrator at 12 to 6 dawn they strike when iam fast asleep now if i charge like maddox with sten gun to whitier hospi and empty the whole sten gun at noman mohamedi and if i charge like maddox and empty the whole ak 47 sten gun at 15007 dumont ave barnwall norwalk sara thiaray will the judge leave me scotfree that is a question i keep asking my self more often than not like for eg she gave me divorce on 22 april and i feel it ended on 22 october now isicerly prey that both these persons turn into ashes or better still i become invisible and go to all the banks and become invisible and get the better off all the cashiers and lead a luxurious life.

  16. as to what i say above please give me the device i mean the electro magnet so i can charge like a tiger and go to all the bank casheirs and get the better off them or put sara thiaray and noman mohamedi in a man eating lions cage who only eats human flesh and has been hungry for 22 days and at the same time me drink johnie walker blue label and see how the man eating lion eats both of them up so fun it would be to drink johnie wlker blue label and enjoy the arena or wach the fun so good entertainment it would be. saifuddin ebrahim late.

  17. reading science fiction books is the stuff that i am always into. science fiction really widens my imagination :.”

  18. i want this beacuse i want to be invisible pls tell me were i get this

    • 20 camgal

      I’m glad I found your post through google….I was stuck on what new element or perspective I could throw into my blog and this post was really helpful:) I hope you’ll visit my blog someday http://www.whatyouwerentsureof.wordpress.com πŸ˜‰ keep it fresh & interesting like this one

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