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They come every year to everyone, yet so important.Few say, watz so important and special?, Some pray, Japnese mourn, Many throw parties and all get wishes. Birthdays are beautiful, no matter celebrated or not. As a kid birthdays were so important and special to me. It was a day i’d be waiting for a whole […]

Las Vegas, the city of sins, fun and $’s. A city where the night feel ashamed intruding into the city lights. The lights which never die and the people who never sleep.  I was there

Mindblowing, exhilarating, awesome – these were the adjectives we thought we would say after skydiving, but when an experience cannot be bound with words, its best to leave it unsaid, give it the form of a feeling which can only be felt not expressed. Skydiving was one such experience. The thought is not novel, not […]

While i catch up with my breath after skydiving and write my experiences, Enjoy this pic.