A flight unparallel – II

Mindblowing, exhilarating, awesome – these were the adjectives we thought we would say after skydiving, but when an experience cannot be bound with words, its best to leave it unsaid, give it the form of a feeling which can only be felt not expressed. Skydiving was one such experience.

The thought is not novel, not cliched – said but not done. Thanks to my friend who first brought in the idea of skydiving. But it still took days to decide on it and zero on a skydiving resort. And especially after the thrill rides at stratosphere , when we have had enough of adventures, we didn’t know the biggest adventure of our life was yet to come.

As we hopped into the skydiving resort, a bunch of legal documents were waiting for us to be signed which ensured we cannot sue them in any case of serious injury that may include death. After signing all those deadly documents, the next thing was a bit of practise. The positions to be taken in air were taught and taken care of. Then came our flight to be boarded only to jump off. The flight took us to an altitude of 13000 feet from which jumping was unimaginable. For the first time jumpers, a instructor usually accompanies and the jump is called a Tandem jump. The instructor hooked himself to me and slowly pushed me towards the door and there came a jerk !!!! In a split second we were in the air, like a free bird, like a bird which forgot to fly and was falling off obeying the rules of gravity. When the clouds passed from beneath, the air feels so strong that it urges the skin to go beyond the bones. The fall so strong and high that one actually dont feel it. One feel like one is flying in the air. And when the pressure reaches a pre-defined point, a trigger to a golf sized ball releases a parachute. And one feel like a bird again,a bird which has just learnt to fly, a bird flying without a direction. Controlling the parachute was another fun, just two threads and go in the direction you want, no traffic to wait for, no lights to obey and just lots of air and air all around to feel. The bird has finally learnt to fly. After a journey of 6 minutes and 50 seconds, through skies and heavens and the empires unseen, we landed safely. Thanks to the videographer and photographer, who captured the pics so wonderfully. No doubt they had to jump with us to get such awesome pics.

Some people have been appreciating, mostly admiring and some saying what a s**t waste of money. If life is an experience to live and nothing to take behind but memories. These are the memories I like to create.


13 Responses to “A flight unparallel – II”

  1. 1 L>T

    All I can say is, “WOW!”

    A male friend, who is large & heavy jumped the way you did, but he broke both his ankles when he landed.

  2. 2 adhyayan

    hey really cool.. Its good to have such wonderful experiences….

  3. 3 adhyayan

    and you were lucky that the winds were favorable.. the day you decided to do it….

  4. 4 sharda

    Your experience has made me so excited that I am planning to do it.My husband is so scared that most likely he wont allow me.But I am gonna break every barrier and still do it.

    Thanks for giving the link to the wesite of skydiving.Did you feel scared at all?When you land what are the chances of breaking bones?And also tell me should you have to qualify some kind of prerequisite for it?

  5. 5 Maverick

    @l>t:thx :-),thnks u didnt say tht before, tht was scary.nehow i guess its safe for most of the normal people.we friends went there n everyone was safe.

    @adhyayan:ofcourse im lucky to have a lifetime experience n weather in phoenix is best for such purposes. wat more can i ask for πŸ™‚

    @sharda:kooooooool ! im sure u’ll have a blast.its an experience of a lifetime.

    it was a little scary to jump off the plane, but once u r in the air, u just enjoy ur ride n ofcourse the enjoyment is manyfold the scariness.

    the instructor asks u to lift ur legs high while landing n if u just follow the instructions u’ll have a safe landing.we 3 guys went there n everyone was safe.

    the only prerequisite is being under 220 lbs if u r a male n 200 lbs for a female which most of the normal people are. They give you a half an hour training session and u r ready to do it.n bcos an instructor accompanies for the first time jumpers, u feel very safe.

    Happy skydiving!

  6. 6 alka

    Tell me ONE good reason, why shouldn’t I envy you?

  7. 7 sharda

    hey ,do you have any idea about hot air balloon rides in Arizona.It will be great if you could give the URL of the website for it.Thanks.

  8. 8 Sigma

    That does sound like an awesome experience. Lucky You !!
    I am amazed at the skill of the photographer, who can take such great photographs in a free fall !!

  9. 9 Mridula

    Like my sis, I am so jealous of you!!

  10. 10 travel plaza

    Awesome is all I can say!!I’m so so jealous like Mridula and alka.

  11. 11 Maverick

    @alka:hhhhmmmm lemme think. ok bcos i cant write as meaningful posts as u πŸ™‚

    @sharda:we checked out that too, all i knw is that those prices are almost equal to tht of skydiving. Hot air balloon rides r fun too. especially the part where u come closer to the ground and go high again.It seems like riding on the magic carpet :-). i donno much about them, but i knw that there are many resorts offering it around, so jus search for them on the net n im sure u’ll zero upon a good one.

    @sigma:As i said already the photographer also had to jump with us to take such awesome pics.so two bodies in freefall, relative motion = zero.Ofcourse the price of the photographer seems a bit expensive, but for a lifetime experience- worth it.

    @mridula:not you, you travel so much. im jealous of u on that part πŸ™‚

    @travel plaza:Thx, seems like im making many people jealous πŸ™‚

  12. cool ,man..one of the best adventures somebody has blogged πŸ™‚
    oh man i envy u so much . πŸ˜›
    anyway u are quite a good blogger

  13. @arvind: hey thnkyou so much for stopping by. n yes to experience it, u gotta dive in πŸ™‚

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