They come every year to everyone, yet so important.Few say, watz so important and special?, Some pray, Japnese mourn, Many throw parties and all get wishes. Birthdays are beautiful, no matter celebrated or not.

As a kid birthdays were so important and special to me. It was a day i’d be waiting for a whole year. The excitement used to build up as it approached. The birthday dress would be planned atleast one month before and all of them’d be special. Special in their own way, like dresses that just came out of a fancy dress competition – a silver spangled coat made for an indian maharaja, a purple pathan suit with a blue velvet overcoat aere two instances i remember. The next important thing was the birthday cake. A homemade birthday cake usually substitued the bakery baked and it came in all shapes and sizes – circle, squre, heart shaped or anything else fancier with the fancier being the best. Usually the cake would take its final form on the night before my birthday evolving and surviving from a thick mixture of flour, sugar and eggs which used to taste equally good. Icing on the cake here was icing on the cake with colors left to my choice. Light cream, Pink, Blue or green decorated with silver colored sugar balls made a perfect topping. After all this it was time to sleep to wake up into my birthday.

This night was only for parents, the idea that the next dawn would be my birthday wouldn’t let me sleep.

The convention of waking up the birthday baby with the ‘ Happy Birthday to u’ song actually started with my grand parents i guess and my parents preserved it for me. So despite being awake, i would act asleep until the tunes of the song hit my ear drum to wake me up. And here was the beautiful day. While planning the events of the day, mom would dump a handfull of coconut oil on my head, making me ready to bath for the special day. Going to school would never be so much fun. While the rest of the children go to the school in the same boring uniform , the birthday baby would have the special previlage of sporting his new birthday dress. A different spectra of colors admist a two- color dress would make the birthday very apparent and gather crowds with wishes. The first thing after the morning prayer would be to distribute choclates to all the teachers in the school. That would almost take half or more of the first class and that’s the only day one gets to miss the class officially. Distributing choclates to friends followed. The birthday boy would go around the class distributing the choclates to all those awaiting glances. Interval between classes was the perfect time to invite friends to the evening party.

As the sun set, and being the month of september i would desperately pray to the monsoon gods to hold the showers back for the evening as the party would usually be an open air one. When friends start arriving, carrying fun along the party starts. The first event would be to cut the cake while everyone is singing happy biiiiiiiirrrrthdayyyyy to uuuuuuuuuuu with those unusually long sounds. After rounds of homemade dishes and deserts as the clock starts ticking 9 people would slowly start leaving one by one after handing in their attractively mysteriously wrapped gifts. The suspense while unwrapping the gifts would entice, excite and exhilarate my senses and finally leave me with an object to play with. After all the gifts were unwrapped and tried, they were kept in a safe place (which was usually under my pillow in my bed) . By then i ‘d be already half asleep cos of the dearth of sleep last night. So time to sleep to wake up into another regular day.

As days passed by and I grew older, everything grew as well. The birthdays now come at midnight instead of morning. The parties became posher, friends larger and gifts costlier but happiness?


13 Responses to “Birthdays……!”

  1. 1 L>T

    Birtday wishes are in order? Happy birthday!

    Mine were never so lavish. My parents had 7 kids & never anough money so birthdays were simple, but fun none the less & worth getting up early for.
    Now, I’d rather not have them.

  2. 2 travel plaza

    Happy Birthday? So, you’re a libran too. Happiness is there now too, only measured in different terms I guess. Like when we were kids, happiness was the new clothes we wore or the sweets or the cake and of course the friends and the party. Happiness now, is contentment with life and the way things are….I know you must be missing those days and being with family on this precious day:)

  3. 3 Maverick

    @l>t: thankyou :-), no matter lavish or not, im sure u must have had fun, and i knw as u grow up, b’day becomes more of a ‘another day’ and less of a special day. but then even if its less, its special, isn’t it?

    @travel plaza: Nope, im a virgo, i guess i fall on the end.yeah may be u r right, all those simple things which used to make one happy becomes more ‘got used’ things. and the excitement certainly goes down over time as it does with anything else.nnnnn i really miss those days πŸ™‚

  4. 4 Cuckoo

    Hey, nice post. πŸ™‚ Now that my B’day is approaching I can relate to it very well. Looked like you are speaking on my behalf!!
    Well said.

    P.S.- My first visit here but I am aware of your existence thru Mridula & Alka’s blogs. Have you in mind for blogrolling when my blog on travel things comes up. Ha Ha.. that’s called future planning. Right? πŸ˜‰

  5. 5 alka

    Happy birthday and write a post about your this birthday. How you celebrated it. πŸ™‚

  6. 6 Maverick

    @cuckoo: Thx πŸ™‚ n happy b’day to u in b’days r more or less the same n all very wonderful.gr8 tht u can relate it to urself.

    hhhmmmmmmm so ur travel blog is coming up, i will be waiting for it.

    @alka:thx alka. this b’day was like a b’day of any teen. frends came over at midnight with cake n cokes, bumps was the part evryone was waiting for πŸ™‚ after tht drenched me with coke n the day was pretty much normal except the party i threw them in the evening.i guess this is pretty less to b’come a post in itself πŸ™‚

  7. 7 Prash

    Hello there,

    I am back, shall read your posts ASAP,

  8. 8 Maverick

    @prash: hey prash, gr8 to catch u back, now u gotta change ur profile pic with a HongKong background.

  9. 9 Gangadhar

    happy’s you mate?

  10. 10 Prash

    It was my b’day yesterday (5th october) I didn’t celebrate it !!!

    I hate celebrating my b’days…others b’days are always a big gala party …!!!

  11. 11 Maverick

    @gangadhar:thnkyou so much n welcome to my blog.

    @prash:tht means u only take parties u dont throw them ;)?

  12. 12 Anonymous

    I do throw parties but not for my birthday… everyday is party day for me.

  13. 13 Maverick

    @prash:kool, thts the way of ‘living’ life πŸ™‚

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