A Goooooood Morning !

7’O clock in the morning, lawn with water droplets on the grass reflecting sun’s rays while keeping the slipper covered foot moist, hot coffee, morning news paper, soothing music coming from somewhere distant, king size breakfast and a hopeful day ahead.- This is my idea of a perfect morning. When a day starts perfect, everything automatically falls in place, what could go wrong?

But ask me how many such mornings have i had. NONE ! I can’t blame the entire thing on not having a lawn at my home, we still had a porch to sit, coffee to brew and news paper to read.Only that 7’O clocks are too early to start the day for me.

As a kid my days started at 8’O clock as our school did at 9. Quick random hurricanes of my little yellow tooth brush and mint flavoured foam followed by a hurried breakfast over the morning newspaper started my days. The better part were those 15 mins i spent over my breakfast and news. When the clock ticked 8.45, my invasion used to start with the bathroom -the quick and dirty bath that would leave me with traces of soap in my ears and then i would ride my bike as if the earth were breaking beyond me to reach the school that was 5 mins away, 5 mins late .

Then came my boarding school, when my days started earlier than anticipated – at 5’O clock, with a high pitched scream of our ugly hostel warden who looked like a satan coming alive out of dreams. We were given 15 mins to brush and get ready for our morning study hours, and as one would naturally suspect, we used those extra 15 mins more often to catch up with our sleep than not. The morning study hours half asleep lasted until 8 and the breakfast followed. A regular menu was followed on a weekly basis and whether to go sleep or go have the breakfast depended on the breakfast menu of that day and the chit chat of the previous night.

Sun rised at 9’O clock in my undergraduation, mornings were lazy and good. The imagination of fun we would have that day worked better than caffeine to kick start our day.

But i still haven’t had my ideal morning, not even one. I know i could if i really want, but i guess im just too lazy and my ideal morning more ideal. I still envy when i see someone carrying their coffee mug strolling across the balcony, when im rushing for my that morning class after waking late. I wish sun would rise at 9’O clock.


14 Responses to “A Goooooood Morning !”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Very Good Morning to you !! Nice post once again remembering the past.
    Well, the whole life is still ahead to fulfill your dreams and you also know that they are going to come true sooner or later.
    It’s just that we give priorities to some other things because those things are equally or more important. Enjoy!!!

  2. 2 Vj

    I have never seen 7’O’Clock since a 100 years.Don’t remember when was the last time I did that.I guess the last time I followed the 7’o’clock protocol when I was with my parents .I have a flexible work schedule .Mornings are usually 10’0 clock and often read newspapers in the semi-sleep state .Skip breakfast and rush to office .It’s tough to be a single and especially when you stay alone .

  3. 3 Hiren

    The winter mornings should definitely start at nine o clock. Otherwise, it is to each his own.

  4. 4 alka

    Ah! The wicked pleasure of in the bed, wrapped in blanket is too much to get up for that perfect morning. πŸ™‚ But if you get a room mate who can bully you, then you can have that perfect morning. πŸ™‚

  5. 5 Anonymous

    I am a night bird. I like to be awake in the night and sleep the whole mrng and wake up by noon for brunch…that is MOI…but you are right, mornings has it’s own charm too…your morning is so poetic !!!

  6. 6 sharda

    Boarding school’s life sucked.Now I am a free bird.But still these days I am fighting hard to catch up that routine again of getting up early and having nice and tasty breakfast,because now I can eat what ever I can,as I am the queen of my kitchen .Ofcourse followed by an appropriate workout.

  7. 7 travel plaza

    Ah! Those wonderful lazy mornings. What I wouldn’t give for one of those.
    I’m back and trying to catch up on my blogging. Do check out my latest post when you get a chance:))

  8. 8 Maverick

    @cuckoo:yeah true, they r equally important, while i enjoy that cup of coffee in the early morning, i love to wake up and then know tht i can sleep for some time. Only that the later one i get to do often πŸ™‚

    @vj:kool, urs n my life style seems to match a lot, only tht i dont have tht flexible work hrs 😦

    @hiren:hey hiren, welcome to my blog.hhhmmmm i love winter mornings, i guess i experiecnce my best sleep in that time.

    @alka:aaaahhh my roommate?dont ask me about him, im like his alarm clock, he is lazier than me.

    @prash:i guess im a night bird too, i love night life n stuff, but after sometime i jus wanna go home and sleep quietly.yeah, my mornings sounds so poetic, may be that’s y they r hard to have.

    @sharda:true! boarding schools really suck when coming to the morning time, especially waking up in the morning after those midnight chats was extremely tuf. a good breakfast may tempt me to wake up in the morning, but my mom never plans the next day’s breakfast.

    @travel plaza: true, once caught up with a work schedule, i wonder if they’ll ever be possible.welcome back to blogging, i love to visit ur site.

  9. 9 Tanushree

    good good good morning dear…
    i also had an experience of hostel life..it just great when we usually bunk our morning yoga and exercise just for taking more sleep…

    hey wish you have ur ideal morning one day..
    have a great day…

  10. 10 Anonymous

    a poem is born out of a dream…(not always ofcourse)….we are dreamers, aren’t we ?

    btw, you are linked in my blog

  11. 11 Maverick

    @tanushree:welcome to my blog n good morning :-), y r the yoga n meditation classes always in the mornings, im so not sure if i’ll attend my morning classes regularly tht i won’t take them, clever lol….

    @prash:yeahhhh we are, tht’s y do we sleep a lot :).thx for the link.

  12. 12 Mridula

    Ask me, how I manage to get to the class on time. How good it was to be the student when you could come late! Not anymore.

  13. 13 Maverick

    @mridula:i knw, its even bad for profs.It looks so stupid if they throw false excuses.it must be really hard 😦

  14. 14 Ashish

    I have seen the times from 4 AM to 8 AM. 4 AM was a torture, but was necessary to get the milk at that time. Preferable time is 8 AM, but getting up at 8 AM is so difficult; both wife and parents feel that something is wrong if their darling son is sleeping till 8 AM. Envy people who get up at 9 or later.

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