A – Z in eight points

I have been tagged and guess what? Its my first tag. I know its very easy to talk about others and hard about ourselves, but let me see how can i summarize myself in eight points. L>T says, we tend show people only what we want them to see, but that’s true in real life too, only tht in blogosphere there’s no chance for others to peep in. 

Rule 1:

Cuckoo tagged me, Thanks! Cuckoo for tagging me. No one ever tags me 😦

Rule 2:

Eight things about me, Ok here they go.

1. Im an ambivert like most normal people. I go out, socialize and have lots of friends, but there are times i hibernate in my nest.

2. Im not as kool as i think Iam. Get ready for a laughter when you see me tensed, i’ll probably do a series of stupid things, get embarrassed and then feign a ‘i care a damn’ attitude which is so obvious.

3.I can’t feign. You can pretty much see all my colors at the very first look.

4.Im obsessed with colors. Blue ,black, white, gray and the whole spectrum. I can describe almost anything in terms of colors and i love abstract things, for i feel all the real things in world are abstract – air, love, feelings and poetry.

5.Iam a bit poetic. My mornings are poetic, my feelings abstract and thats my dreamworld.I know life is not poetic, but if it makes me feel good, why not?

6.I procrastinate. Though i take care not to miss anything, the last minute hurry is a norm.

7.I love music, you can rarely see me without my ipod plugged into my ears. Music can do magics for me, from changing my mood to filling me up. So come to me with a pleasent music and see how good i can be.

8.I love books, though i read some for the sake of reading. Especially the popular ones of which i can boast.

Rule 3:

The toughest part, most of the blogs i read already have such tag or have a theme that wont go with this. But im still trying to indulge some people in it.

1.L>T (im not sure, if u have done this already, but if u havn’t i’d love to u to do this)
2.Prash (C’mon we know so little about you in person)
3.vj (I know it wont go with your theme, but you can follow the clever Mridula)
4.Frida (I know u r currently out for sometime, however i hope u’ll be back soon)
5.Adhyayan (I definitely want more of you)


update: see L>T’s and Adhyayan’s responses, they are incredible.

18 Responses to “A – Z in eight points”

  1. 1 Cuckoo

    Hmmm so you like colours.. your blog says it all :)))
    me too like colours..You wud have guessed, I changed the total look of the blog as per my need & the other one is more colorful.

    pts no. 3, 4 ,7 & 8 matches..

    Btw, Thanks for linking me.. DO you know what cuculus means?? It’s scientific name for Cuckoo.

  2. 2 L>T

    arrrgh! I wish i would of known that before I just posted. O.K. I’ll bite. It’s going to take acouple of days while this post wears it’s self out. 🙂 I will have to tag you more often i see.

    BTW, it’s nice to know those things about you. I knew you were a great guy anyway. This is just icing on the cake.

  3. 3 sharda

    Got to know more about you .Thanks for sharing.
    By the way visited your web page .Its wonderful,keep updating.

  4. 4 Maverick

    @cuckoo: i like the colors on ur blog too, pinkish ha? but pink is so gay tht i better keep it out of my blog. cuculus sounded like calculus to me (now dont start blaming all science students) :),i have however changed the link’s name to cuckoos nest which is more un-scientific and more understandable 🙂

    @l>t:thx for taking the tag, i always love ur posts, no matter wat u talk in them, only tht iam an absolute stupid at some matters tht i dont understand wat to comment, so i better keep off.

    @sharda:thx for visiting my web page, i actually wanted to isolate my blog and my webpage, but still i wanted to let people know abt me, who really wanna know.so i placed the link in a more obscure place ( i think its obscure), hmmmm so u found it.

  5. 5 travel plaza

    Wow! Cool answers Maverick. I’ve been tagged for the same post. Must do it soon…

  6. 6 adhyayan

    I lost no time.. and just followed your orders captain!!!!

  7. 7 Cuckoo

    Pink is gay???? well, I like my color, don’t bother about anything else. 🙂
    LOL, Cuckoo’s Calculus would have been excellent 😉
    Heyy, I too have visited your webpage but never mentioned abt it. :)) Did I do something wrng?

  8. 8 L>T

    maverick, the tag is posted

  9. 9 Maverick

    @travel plaza:thx :),hhhhhhmmmmmmm u too? willbe waiting for ur post.

    @adhyayan:jus checked out,btw u broke rule 1 & 3,neways im just happy tht u did it anyway.

    @cuckoo:nope not for u.pink is gay for guys n kool for gals.so u r fine with it.hey, really?thx for visiting my web page, i didnt know it had so many visitors.nope u r too cute to b wrong.

  10. 10 Maverick

    @l>t: i said it all in ur post,jus thx aain for making it so soon

  11. 11 sparkle

    this was a nice update. i chcecked your blog for the first time and i know a lot about u. your first insight about yourself, i do that too, at times am lost in my own thoughts, wonder if everyone is like that.

  12. 12 Maverick

    @sparkle:hey sparkle, good to catch u here.thx for visiting.i guess there r always times for most people when they r lost in thoughts,only the people who do it more often r tagged introverts.

  13. 13 adhyayan

    hey I tagged you for something… check it on my page..

  14. 14 Maverick

    @adhyayan:i jus checked it out, will write about it very soon.

  15. 15 wavesnsands

    hmm…nice stuff about yourself 🙂
    i should have added the part about procrastination in my own blog..nice reading..the rest of ur articles too..the poems especially

  16. @wavesnsands: thts the first thing i remember abt myself :), thx for stopping by

  17. 17 rads

    Think in colors? that’s awesome! 🙂

  18. @rads: try it once, its so much fun.

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