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Adhyayan has tagged me, actually quite some time ago. But these days besides being busy i was peeping into the past trying to find some instances i played an angel. I would ve probably come up with something better and sooner if it were for a devil but angels seemed really alien. But then here’s […]

More Pics Trekking admist such paths, was so refreshing. Especially when you get tired of going to the same lab everyday with loads in backpack and the brain. Watch your step ! Having supper outdoors is so much fun and no im not talking about the roof top restaurants The most beautiful parking lot Its […]

Im just back from a trek at the oak creek canyon, sedona, AZ. My legs are aching as if they are the only part of the body that survived. So while i relax and get back with a post on it enjoy these pics. I think i should add yellow to the list of my […]