Fell in Love with Fall colors

Im just back from a trek at the oak creek canyon, sedona, AZ. My legs are aching as if they are the only part of the body that survived. So while i relax and get back with a post on it enjoy these pics.

I think i should add yellow to the list of my favorite colors

distant mountains, near trees and flowing water

Trails that never end, Trials that never end


11 Responses to “Fell in Love with Fall colors”

  1. 1 sparkle

    the pics are amazing. suprisingly i went out for a sunday picnic with my brother and his wife. similar spots only in kerela. beautiful waterfalls, will put pics up on my blog soon. and since there was a lot of climbing to do i have two extremely tender souls at the moment. he he he

  2. 2 sharda

    What a coincidense ! Last week I was also in Oak Canyon creek,Sedona.The beauty was breath taking.Learnt the history of formation of canyon seriously for the first time.later also went to slide rock mountain,which was astounding to me.Apples were 24cents/pound.I think very soon I will write post about it.Got to know some really interesting facts

  3. 3 Maverick

    @sparkle:i jus saw the pics on ur blog, we seem to be holidaying together.i knw how climbing is, but when u get at the top, the view frm there makes u feel tht all this was worth it.

    @sharda:oo really!this seems to be the best time to trek in the oak creek with all the fall colors falling.n yeah i saw apple trees for the first time there,however didnt had a chance to buy any.btw watz the history of the canyon?waiting for ur post on it

  4. 4 sparkle

    it was indeed worth the walk. the problem was it was really hot and sweating made things worse for us. but the cool water from the waterfall refreshed us.

  5. 5 Cuckoo

    Awesome pictures Maverick!!
    Amazing colours, beautiful locale as well.
    To see all this we can say the world is really colourful!!
    Trekking is always difficult but very satisfying at the end.
    Waiting for your next post & I think I’ll visit Sharda’s blog as well 😉
    Thanks for showing the pictures, put some more. Ye Dil mange more!!

  6. 6 L>T

    beautiful place! I’ve been there once. I just checked out your web place for the first time. Very immpressive! 🙂

  7. 7 Maverick

    @sparkle:it was hot this time of the year?, unbelievable ! ive heard tht the whole of kerala is sceinic n u’ll want to take a pic wherever u see.i love tht feeling, i m sure i’ll be there some day.

    @cuckoo:sure,u’ll get to see some more pics of it.n treking here was actually not tht difficult, it didnt have tht many highs n lows n the climate was great.the fun part was when it was time to cross the waters, some one would always slip off 🙂

    @l>t:indeed beautiful! n thx for checking out my web place, its more professional though.

  8. 8 sparkle

    i’ve put up some more pics on my blog check tose out. you’ll be forced to come here right away.
    here in cochin it is terribly hot during the day, rains in the evening and by night it is cool.

  9. 9 alka

    Post more pics.These are very soothing and you experience a kind of calm within you.

  10. 10 travel plaza

    Beautiful pictures!! They impart such serenity and calmness. Do post more pics.

  11. 11 Maverick

    @sparkle:so its like enjoying three seasons, the same day? sounds great, but practically does that suck?

    @alka:already done tht 🙂

    @travel plaza: more pics?? u got them !

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