Instances you played an Angel

Adhyayan has tagged me, actually quite some time ago. But these days besides being busy i was peeping into the past trying to find some instances i played an angel. I would ve probably come up with something better and sooner if it were for a devil but angels seemed really alien. But then here’s the match maker game which makes me feel angelish.

The Match Maker Game

It was another Boring Biology class of std X which was usually a time to chill for we guys sitting in the side bench which was aloof from the rest of the class and hard to notice. So my neighbour designed a game, a rather interesting one at that age i must say. The idea of the game was to write the names of all boys and girls in the class separately on different chits and then to simultaneously pick one chit from boys and one chit from girls. And then we’d tease that boy with the respective girl’s name trying to make out some chemistry in the biology class. The teasing saga would go forever and so did the game. While we were seriously finding matches and giggling at the odd matches , the teacher caught her eye. She came rushing like a fleet of army with a cain stick in her single hand enquiring the reason for our untimely laugh. Meanwhile we had managed to hide the chits and putup an innocent expression on our face. After a series of rapid fire questions without any answer, she sent my neighbour out of the class. I was the next victim expected to reveal truth for having this sincere student image. While these rapid questions were passing thru my armour, my neighbour who was sent out was making all the strange gestures he could asking me not to reveal about the game he started. Trying to make up some answer and trying not to laugh at his gestures i said we were cracking jokes. The teacher asked us never to repeat it and we apologized. When ever I imagine how embarassing the situation would be, had she discovered the game we were playing, I feel like an angel.


11 Responses to “Instances you played an Angel”

  1. 1 Cuckoo

    Awwwww so sweet of you ! and yes, this game is quite popular in one form or the other among school kids.

    Aah What a relief. Good that this tag doesn’t have any further tagging… lollll.. I was kind of scared since I am first here. πŸ˜€

  2. 2 L>T

    I’m not suprised you stood up for your friend. You just seem like that kind of guy. πŸ™‚

  3. 3 alka

    Humm… We can’t play that kind of game. 😦 Because I studied in a girl’s school. And nuns were sort of dictators. 😦

  4. 4 adhyayan

    never did such suff.. only been snubbed when I interfered unknowingly in a haughty couple’s, schoo love talk… check out some photos I have in orkut album.. been to some places.. still your para sailing beats it all…

  5. 5 Maverick

    @cuckoo: hmmmm so u r relaxed tht it didnt hav further tagging? take up the tag if u have any interesting thing to write abt. ain’t this better πŸ™‚

    @l>t: you probably think too high of me πŸ™‚

    @alka: my school was managed by nuns too, still we’d never loose a chance to freak out

    @adhyayan: stay away frm couples when they r alone has been always my policy πŸ™‚ saw the pics, they r awesome. wat place was it?

  6. 6 Sigma

    Ha ha!
    Rightly said by Cuckoo, such games are (or were, while we were kids) quite popular in scools ! (Kids these days seem to have moved to much advanced level).
    When I was in Class VI or VII, a teacher once tried to prevent students from talking in the class using an “inventive” approach – she seated the class in rows of 3, a girl between two boys in each of the row. And you can imagine what happened next !!

  7. 7 adhyayan

    bit of LA- Disneyland, San Diego.
    seriously.. I wasnt even warned.. that was in class IX

  8. 8 Maverick

    @sigma:hhhmmmmmmmmm wat happened next? i can’t imagine ;), c’mon say me.btw tried to visit ur blog but was not able to get thru.can u gimme the link to ur blog.

    @adhyayan:i knew it was cal.kool, i loved disneyland, but haven’t been to the bay area yet, longing to go

  9. 9 Sigma

    “What happened was” that suppose Geeta was seated between Ram and Shyam … new acronyms were coined (RLG and/or SLG – for Ram loves Geeta, etc), and rest of the class used to tease the three people with this acronym :-))
    Predictably, the arrangement didn’t last for more than 2-3 days :-))

    You are not able to get the link to my blog ? Do you see the problem while clicking on my id ? If so, I think it is because of incompatability between blogger beta and older version of blogger.
    I have two blogs. Here are the links – (Idle thoughts) (Travel Memoirs).

  10. 10 travel plaza took me back to high school. That was the time when everyone and everything was tease-worthy…cute anecdote.

  11. 11 Maverick

    @sigma:very funnyyyyyyy, similar thing happened once to us while exams, in exams the seating arrangement was changed to an alternate boy n gal so tht they wouldn’t copy, but the whole plan turned around and we actually helped each other more than ever to show tht we’re smart πŸ™‚

    @travel plaza:yep n believe the best friends were always those people who teased u more or whom u teased more.

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