Hi India !


First of all sorry guys for being absent for a long time. There were my exams followed by a phase where i just wanted to hibernate doing nothing and then came the shopping spree. While these thing were goin on i missed u guys so much. Thanks to buddies who inquired about my abscence, i just needed a break from everything, so that i can start it all over fresh.

Iam visiting my home country India after a good one and a half years, while the excitement is creeping down my nerves already i have a list of must do things. The first and the foremost thing is ofcourse shopping. Like i waited for my relatives visiting india and for their goodies, actually more for goodies than relatives, i know there will be a couple of guys out there waiting for my goodies. Choclates are probably the most famous shopping item and will continue to be until their prices meet with those of indian choclates if the taste already did. Hershleys, with nuts, with flavors and whatever. Digital cams, laptops and camcorders seem to be the next most popular items that people ‘want’ from USA, not because we dont get them in India but because their price is much less here when compared to the Indian market. Next come the general genre of electronic goodies like cordless phones, DVD players, hand blenders ,etc. While all these occupy the first place and price in the shopping list, clothes are no less important. Check into any cloth stores to grab a sweat shirt or that fancy T-shirt and look for the tag, u will probably fing a Made in India or Made in Bangladesh if not Made in China. O god ! can i ever find a garment that says Made in US, plz say me if u do. And then comes all the junk, the pens, pencils, the little make up stuff and all that stuff that doesnt matter. This makes the shopping list for India complete, well almost.

And then there are things you have to do in India, not because you enjoy them or otherwise, but just because you are visiting India, first of all, fix the attitude, either u must try hard not to get into any americanised manerisms that by now could be called habitual or just be yourself. While i enjoyed this post of cuckoo immensely, it also kinda made me alert :). In the vacation of a month, visiting relatives is a norm, and then if your mom is into religious stuff, you might not be able to escape those darshans* to temples and religious places.

Then comes the things which i really wanna do, which i miss a lot. paanipuri* tops the list, those road side chat bhandars and sugarcane juice stalls, welcome to India ! Then come the movies, watching a movie in a jam packed hall admist all those whistles, laughs and grunts, i cant wait more. Then the hang outs, the late night walks with friends and those ‘just dropping by’s’ without actually calling them before to ask if they are free. Those walks on the streets admist hundreds others and bumping into atleast two known people before you cross the street. Those people who dont smile when they see you because they have to.

I know my vacation in India will be great, and may be those memories can keep me great for some more time after i return.

*darshans – visits to religious places

*paanipuri – a yummy north indian dish


14 Responses to “Hi India !”

  1. 1 Mridula

    A great shopping list I must say. And for those who want to se a picture of panipuri here is a picture I took some time back.

  2. 2 Prash

    That is a lovely picture.
    Loads of gifts to friends and family in India ?
    Whenever I go back to India, I tell them No gifts..because i hate people when they expect gifts. Gifts are something which I want to give and I won’t give gifts because they want me to give that…don’t u feel the same way ?

    You have a nice holidays in India.
    It is not cold in India!!!!

    PS: I just realised that you have linked me in your blog and tagged me as ‘prashoun’s prash’ ..that was so sweet..prashoun’s prash…thanks! smile !

  3. 3 Sigma

    Nice post, and a nicer shopping list 😉
    Have you got some chocolates for your blogger friends in India ? 😀

    ‘Chaat’ and specially panipuri/gol-gappa is something so unique, isn’t it ? Last week I took a friend, who has been staying outside India for last 4-5 years, to Haldiram’s for a ‘chaat’ session 🙂

  4. 4 Cuckoo

    Great to see you back ! And its time for you to fly. Nice shopping list,,reminds me of my shopping days 🙂

    When I am abroad, I always crave for indian food and the chaat, panipuri etc top the list followed by indian sweets.

    Have a nice time in India !! Where exactly are you going in India? When are you coming back?? Hope you don’t log in here during that period.

  5. 5 sharda_mishra

    I have a suggestion Mav,To buy clothes of U.S brand go to some hi-fi store or mall like Nordstrom.Get into some small designer store which look small but have really good quality clothes.They are a little expensive but ,you will at least find written “made in U.S.A” .Buying gifts for relatives is ofcourse very hard when every thing is labeled as “made in china or made in India”.

    And Don’t miss any food item you want to have.I would suggest make a list and every day try one form the list ,so that you dont regret later.I am a big food lover and I take my “food to eat” list very seriously.As seriously as I make the list for gifts and other goodies.So that I don’t miss any thing and if I have a list I am all cool and satisfied.

    Have a good trip.

  6. 6 Cuckoo

    Lollll Shrada, you are just like me. I always make a list of to do things, be it shopping, eating , inviting ..and so on.

  7. 7 Prashanth M

    Welcome home, Mav

  8. 8 Maverick

    @mridula: thx for the pic of paanipuri, im missing it more now 😦

    @prash: i completely agree with u on tht front, but i guess im jus fortunate enuf tht for me people who expect gifts r the same to whom i wanna giv gifts. i hope its not chillin in india n then im a winter person, i love cold.so no probs for me 🙂

    @sigma:sure, where do u wanna get them from :).does a chaat session mean learning to make chat or jus hangin by n having loads of them, i love the latter 🙂

    @cuckoo:thx, u crave for indian food even when ur base is in india, c’mon this is so unfair.i’ll be goin to hyderabad n will be returning on jan 20, im not sure if i’ll be able to blog in my vacation or not but for sure i’ll try to make notes of wats goin on.n btw when u say abroad do u mean US?

    @sharda:iam so afraid of even entering those designer stores for the prices they hav, but i guess i shd give it a shot this time like u said.n vow gr8 idea of making a food to eat list,iam gonna make it.thnq so much for these ideas they rock !

    @prashanth: hey prashanth have been yo ur blog man, really kool pics n welcome to my blog.

  9. 9 Sigma

    Ha ha. The chaat session means the same to me – having loads of different varieties of things … papri chaat, gol-gappa, aaloo tikki … is your mouth already watering, or should I describe some more details ? 😉
    And another thing not to be missed, in this winter season, is gajar ka halwa. I made some yesterday, for the first time in my life, and I am proud to say it turned out pretty well 🙂

  10. 10 Vj

    I was also hibernating and lost the urge to write and I knew this too would pass but It was only my year end travel that set me rolling.How are you. I gorge on hershey’s .That one of the must have thing when anybody returns from there , though it results in lot of toothache later

    have a nice time at home and looking forward to more exciting stories in the new year

  11. 11 Cuckoo

    Heyy, another week and you gonna be back with loads of stories to tell us.

    u crave for indian food even when ur base is in india, c’mon this is so unfair.. No, I said when I am abroad and by abroad doesn’t mean only US. 🙂

    Check out my travel blog. Just started. Hope to post my sweet/sour experiences there regularly.

  12. 12 Madhu Datla

    good post.
    I liked the picture very much, did you take that?

  13. 13 Maverick

    @sigma: gud news 🙂 had ’em all.

    @vj: lots of hersheley’s n no toothaches, some added pounds though 🙂

    @cuckoo: i mean c’mon u live in india, u sd try exotic cuisine when u’re abroad, this is so unfair.

    @madhu: thx, n no. i stole it frm the net 🙂

  14. 14 Priyank

    Panipuri a north Indian thing?? ah! They cant seem to understand unless I tell them ‘gol gappe’!
    I always thought it was gol gappe, renamed pani puri in Mumbai !

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