How (not) to treat NRIs


If you have a yahoo account and your spam filter isn’t working properly, you probably got a mail in ur inbox about the wierd things that NRIs do.

Here is the answer to all those mails, the wierdest things that NRIs face when they visit India.

* People whom you’ve known for years and have never conversed in English, suddenly start speaking in English with you. That too, broken.

* Your shopkeeper starts converting rupees into dollars for you to explain how cheap the things in his shop are.

* Elders start from ‘is your college a co-education?’ and go to ‘are you dating someone?.’

* People start speaking about their relatives and friends abroad even when you have no idea who they are.

* People ask ‘how’s life there?’ and doesn’t get satisfied unless you say them ur life history.

* People say ‘aw you look the same’ unless u’ve died ur hair or pulled ur pant below ur underwear.

* People try to talk in americanised accent so that u understand it.

* People ask McD or KFC? and i scream biryani house !

And anything else you know my NRI friends let me know. We r fighting for a cause 🙂


5 Responses to “How (not) to treat NRIs”

  1. 1 L>T

    So do you tell them about all the interesting American people you meet blogging? (like me of course 🙂

  2. 2 Cuckoo

    Ha Ha… Liked your fighting for a cause. 😉

    Yes, very true. The people expect you to behave in a different manner. Will run to get you spoons/forks at dining table even if you want to use your hand.

    You can’t enjoy sitting on the floor, they always offer you a chair.
    And those staring x-ray eyes to check how much you have changed.

  3. 3 Sigma

    Ha ha ha!! Nice list 🙂
    Now I know what I am doing wrong …. thank you for telling me things TO DO when an NRI friend visits next ! Lol!!

  4. 4 travel plaza

    I will add to your list after my India trip:)Have you been offered subway sandwiches when you are really craving greasy masale dose or spicy pani puri?
    Isn’t going back home awesome??

  5. 5 Maverick

    @l>t:not really,if i say them abt all the sex things u write. they’ll probably suspect me n u 🙂

    @cuckoo:x-ray eyes r true,n u knw one funny thing. i was havin idli in a railway station, i didnt see the spoons and i started eating out with my hands n then when i saw around i was the only one eating with hands :), the spoons n forks were a closet away 🙂

    @sigma:u better do right, to avoid another post on this subject.

    @travel plaza:thx for rminding me another important thing, i updated my post with it. n yes, going back home is awesome !

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