Do we dont count?


The women asked ‘how many are from out of the country?’ I raised my hand before my friend stopped, ‘we dont count’ he said, do we really dont count?


11 Responses to “Do we dont count?”

  1. 1 Cuckoo

    Who says ? I don’t agree.

    We DO count and let the world accept that.

  2. 2 sigma

    “Do we count” or “Do we dont count” …. this is a question that arises just about every day …in just about every walk of life …. something you ask as the citizen of a country or a resident of another …. as an employee or an employer …
    no answer though ….

  3. 3 Mridula

    But what was the context of the question?

  4. 4 Maverick

    the context of the conversation :

    location : Terminator- 3 D show, Universal studios, Hollywood.

    Before the show started the women asked the crowd – How many are from out of the country …..

    @cuckoo:Do we still count ?

    @sigma:the question seems so simple though. i guess the answer is individual.

    @mridula:the context for u, wat do u think?

  5. 5 L>T

    well, you count in my book. ;] & that’s what matters.

    You aren’t blogging much. Are you bored with it or just too busy?

  6. 6 adhyayan

    About counting, read this short story ‘The Cloak’ by Gogol, whose presence is felt only after his death as an apparition grabbing at other cloaks , for his was robbed…
    If not now, you can still be counted at it..

  7. 7 Maverick

    @l>t: thx :), nope im not bored with it n reasons for not blogging too often can be summed as being lazy n busy 🙂

    @adhyayan:vooooo, u have a story to tell for every post 🙂 n frankly i dont care either ways-being counted or otherwise.

  8. 8 Sigma

    I finally have an answer – YOU do count … at least in my “tagged” list. :-))
    Check out –

    And I posted something “non-intellectual” for you :-))

  9. 9 alka

    What do you think? Nandigram is still fresh in my mind, but I don’t want to voice my cynicism here.

  10. 10 SM

    Of course we should count.It is all a matter of how you feel!If I am asked question like this I always say I am from “Arizona”.

  11. 11 Maverick

    @sigma: u got the answer 🙂

    @alka:frankly, i dont care either ways. cos if we count it means they give ample importance to indians(which ofcourse they do) and if we dont, it means they’ve accepted us as one of themselves. And nandigram, the worst part of the issue is tht the innocent people suffered.

    @sm:kool, tht’s a gud answer ! will use tht one frm the next time 🙂

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