Iam tagged by Sigma according to which Iam required to publish the 5thpara of the 123rd page in the book Iam reading currently.

Well, Im reading Gregory David Roberts – Shantaram. Well my cousin introduced me to these memoirs of shantaram who was an australian criminal taking shelter in the slums of Mumbai, India hiding from the rest of the world. The book shows the same world through a different eyes, the eyes which had seen death and then hope. The preface states he had written the book in his prison for the third time when the first two versions were destroyed by the jail authorities. Its a pretty interesting book which keep haunting me even admist my busy schedule. So here it goes the tag para – Enjoy !

It may seem strange and it may infact be impossible for anyone else to understand, but until that very moment I’d had no real comprehension of the wrong I’d done, and the life I’d lost. While I’d committed the armed robberies, I was on drugs, addicted to heroin. An opiate fog had settled over everything that I thought and did and even remembered about that time. Afterwards, during the trial and the three years in prison, I was sober and clear-headed, and I should’ve known then what the crimes and punishments meant, for myself and my family and the people I’d robbed at the point of a gun. But I didn’t know or feel anything of it then. I was too busy being punished, and feeling punished, to put my heart around it. Even with the escape from prison, and the flight, running and hiding as a wanted man, a hunted man with a price on my head-even then, there was no final, clear, encompassing grasp of the acts and the consequences that made up the new, bitter story of my life.

Ain’t it beautiful? Simple yet so meaningful and honest.


3 Responses to “123/5”

  1. 1 Cuckoo

    Ohhh You are also victim of Sigma like me !! 😛

    And Shantaram is in my “Currently reading” list as well. 🙂

  2. 2 Sigma

    Thanks for taking the tag.
    These are indeed beautiful lines.
    The book must be great, but I was deterred by the number of pages 😦

    @Cuckoo: “victim” ??? I sound like a criminal myself !! 🙂

  3. 3 Maverick

    @cuckoo:kool, i just hope i’ll complete the book before the movie comes 🙂

    @sigma:i know, its the biggest book tht ive started reading, but bcos its someone’s life history n not mere fiction i think its worth it.

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