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I have probably grown older, should start shaving more frequently than once a week.Its better to say people when they unknowingly hurt you. A moment of awkwardness and then it feels much much better ever after. I began to love mustard sauce after hating it for ages, and strangely so much that im eating sandwiches […]

The Virginia Tech massacre affected me much more than I thought it would. Being in another similar school is one and the most prominant reason i guess. This massacre could’ve happened anywhere and the victims could’ve been anyone, just randomly anyone. Living ones life is a right that one least expects to be deprived of. […]

Candles …..


For peace to tomorrow’s artists, engineers and leaders who lost their lives for no reason. For illuminating lives of those people whom their dear ones left in dark. For hope to those hearts who r about to hear that their children abroad are never gonna return home. For burning those heinous thoughts from the minds […]

Alka tagged me to write those five things that are hidden from people. There are dozens of things to say but well let me keep it to five. 1. I have this strange habit of talking with myself. To avoid weird looks, i generally talk with myself when noone’s around, but there are times people […]

The Namesake


I finally watched the much critically acclaimed The Namesake. Identity crisis is something that keeps coming like an unwanted pop-up all the time. And if you live in a country of which you are not a citizen, it comes, stays and makes you feel strange when you dont have it with you. Im not gonna […]

The person we are to other people are the words we speak to them And everyone can’t speak their words, do their acts and think their thoughts without worrying about the existant souls around us who just dont hear but form their opinions about us. There are situations when one wants his voice to get […]