More than Candles

The Virginia Tech massacre affected me much more than I thought it would. Being in another similar school is one and the most prominant reason i guess. This massacre could’ve happened anywhere and the victims could’ve been anyone, just randomly anyone. Living ones life is a right that one least expects to be deprived of. And when some stranger jumps in to grab that right, the horror spreads like holocaust. This reminds me once again, how death can be so close to us. No, im not a pessimist and hate to be one, but optimism is the last shelter I could take here.

Im not just horrified by these deaths but rather disturbed. Imagine how’d you feel everytime you bid bye to someone, if you didn’t know for sure that this is NOT the last bye you are bidding ever. Insecurity would be a big word, may be we are just a little less secure than we were before. This wouldn’t stop us from doing anything we used to, but may be we’ll keep some more distance while walking by a mentally ill person than we used to.
We were discussing this massacre among friends and almost everyone brought in the analogy of Iraq. Innocent people dying everywhere for no reason. And then a friend came up “But these victims are educated, their lives are more valuable”. My heart said what i replied “They are humans dammid! Educated or uneducated, everyone’s life is equally valuable” while my mind was still pondering into what i was saying. But somewhere a cell of my brain agreed with my friend, may be a scientist’s life is more valuable than a layman. I know my heart rejects to agree, but may be my mind is too logical to disagree or im not just good enough. What do you think?

7 Responses to “More than Candles”

  1. 1 Cuckoo

    but may be my mind is too logical to disagree or im not just good enough.. I fully agree with you. I also think the same way though deep in my heart I know I should not.

    Thought provoking post. My prayers are for those souls who could not blossom completely.

  2. 2 hariharan

    To God’s eye all life are valued equally ;There is no difference in his view; only our humna ego looks differently as educated and uneducated;I am asking you if a beggar or poor person got injured in accident would you not help?

    Also You need not be insecured for you know Death is awaiting everyone of us at any moment and by any way , so really what u can do is get answer what is Death why it occurs and all those spiritual stuff or ur life’s basic things.

    Yes I know it taked little time and devotion to seek answer for those questions but these are really impoertant rather than getting an answer for petty things in life.

  3. 3 Sigma

    No, I think the lives of all innocent people, whether educated or illiterate, are equally valuable. The difference lies in the value is deemed differently by the different social settings. Places where there are problems of over-population, poverty, disease, cannot afford to put much value of life of ordinary people, simply because they do not have sufficient resources. But it is not money that buys emotions – poor people will mourn their dead as much as the rich – the only difference is that no one is there to listen to them.

  4. 4 Mridula

    To me all lives are valuable. I can only try to understand how disturbing this incident must be.

  5. 5 Maverick

    @cuckoo: thnkyou for ur support, thnkgod atleast someone els thinks like me 🙂

    ofcourse i would help him, but if my friend also got injured in the same accident and i can only choose to help one, im pretty sure i’ll choose my friend. I know the word ‘bias’ sounds very bad, but then its a part of our character.

    those thoughts abt death are a new perspective altogether, thnx for sharing ur thoughts.

    @sigma:i agree tht all lives r equally valuable and abt different social settings, don’t u think theses biases exist even more prominantly in an affluent social setting?

    @mridula:thx for ur support.

  6. 6 Princess Banter

    Regardless of what we’ve achieved and regardless of what we can do, the fact that we are all given life makes us all equal in having the opportunity to live it. Who are we to play God when in truth, we are mere mortals also waiting for our time? The one who created life is the only one who can take it back. Beautifully written post, keep the thoughts pouring in. Much appreciated!

  7. 7 Maverick

    @princess banter:i’ve come into terms tht we r nobody to decide whose life is valuable and whose is not. let him decide if god is there , otherwise lets leave tht comparision unanswered.

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