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Foodie nothings


Iam not frequenting the blogosphere because we still cant move into our appartment. One of the important side effects of being homeless is – we have stopped cooking. Going out to eat seems like a ritual we are following these days everyday. Now that Iam so obsessed with food, its time to do a food post. […]

Being Homeless


I wouldn’t know the meaning of being homeless except from those documenatries or parallel cinema. But I do know the feeling when there’s no where to go. Okay dont start commenting now, this being homeless is something else. Im homeless though i have the keys for three houses in my keychain. Okay, let me explain. […]

finals week


Its time to get nerdy and geeky again. The finals week is on with exams heading up faster than a ferrari. We had our last lab yesterday, and people were happy that they are done with the sem. Well, people include me too but then the semester wasn’t bad afterall. All those labs that seemed […]