Foodie nothings


Iam not frequenting the blogosphere because we still cant move into our appartment. One of the important side effects of being homeless is – we have stopped cooking. Going out to eat seems like a ritual we are following these days everyday.

Now that Iam so obsessed with food, its time to do a food post. Being in United States, you are game if you want to try out cuisines from different parts of the world.


The hotels that are in our ‘go’ list are mostly from the Indian subcontinent. If you are used to that spicy biryani or that mmmmmm palak paneer, you will be upset. The food largely americanised with lesser spices and you’ll find little authenticity. Indian would mostly mean north indian and if you are craving for those Idlis and Dosas with peanut chutney, Udipi is the only place you can look for.


I loved chinese and I thought I belonged to China until I tasted authentic chinese. Dont expect the taste of those road side chow-mein in an authentic chinese restaurant. Egg- flower soup will probably be your only go in one of those. However the tangy spicy sweet Orange chicken served in Panda express and the Kungpao’s of P.F.Chang’s china bistro is a Yes any day.


Close to Indian is Mexican food. If you love those Frankie’s where you could stuff your chapathis with your favourite stuff, you should probably try burrito. And if you are bored of those regular salads, you can find urself a taco salad stuffed with rice, chicken or veggies of your choice. And yes dont forget to stuff in avocado for an extra price. Its sour cream added with some mintish flavor which will make u mmmmmm.


We dont go much beyond the Padthai noodles and the red curry but I extremely love Thai whenever we visit it. And be careful while ordering ur spice scale in a Thai restaurant. If you thought Indians eat the most spicy dishes, you will find yourself wrong here.


Nope, Ethiopian food is not yuk or something which you can look down at because people in Africa are dying out of hunger. If you are desperately looking for Dosas but dont have an Indian restaurant nearby, here’s where you can go. Their bread which is their base food is much similar to the south Indian Dosas for texture and taste. Chicken Abbitos along with those bread make a perfect meal. And you dont have to check with your nutrition chart, Its one of the most nutritious food.


If you love humus, this is the place from where you wouldn’t get up. My most favourite part in a mediterranean restaurant is Hookah. Have it once and im sure you’ll be hooked to. It comes in several flavors, mint being my favourite. Kebabs claim their authenticity to the mediterranean region and after eating those perfect chicken breasts marinated in herbs and spices and roasted on heat you’ll defnitely go there again.


The chicken fried rice and the Lemon Grass chicken are my favourites here. No doubt they are spicy and close to the chinese taste. If you dont know you are in a Vietamese restaurant, Im sure you’ll mistake it for chinese.


Me and my american colligue in our quest to find out what authentic american food is tried to zero in some of the American foods. It seemed nothing more than Mc.D’s, Subways and Burger Kings. But then he said – Burgers are from Germany, Pizza is from Italy, So? Guess, waht we found at last. The only authentic American foods are pepsi and coke, if you consider them as foods ofcourse.


11 Responses to “Foodie nothings”

  1. 1 SM

    hey nice analysis.By the way I hate all the Indian Places in Phoenix.They taste more like American food to me.About Udupi you are right.
    Let me know if you find any good Indian place to eat in future.You know what the fact that there is no good place some times motivates me to open one.
    My friends say that they will drop by twice every day.I am glad ,as I am planning to make fresh chicken biryani ,thick chana daal and dessert will be simple and authentic rasagulla! what do you say.

  2. 2 Prash

    wow…nicely said about different varieties of cuisine….you hardly spoke about French or Italian or Spanish Cuisine…

    Try some paella or Rissoto or steak frites…

  3. 3 Cuckoo

    Ohhh my mouth has started watering now.

    Slurrrpp !

  4. 4 Maverick

    @sm:I knw, Indian restaurants aim more at the international folks rather than the indian janta. Sure, will let u knw if i find a good one. n ur idea is terrific. just keep it homely, simple and tasty and im sure it’ll be a great hit.n do inform me when u start it, i’ll be the first among to drop off.

    @prash:I really dont know much abt the European cuisine. The only place i ‘ve been to is an italian fast food where i just had some pizza.thx for the suggestions, will try them the next time i go to an frenc or italian cuisine, the names however r french n italian for me …. lol 🙂

    @cuckoo:mmmmmm , wat r u waiting for then, check out the biryani house 🙂

  5. 5 Prash

    paella – very spanish. it will look like fried rice…

    Rissoto – italian rice (sticky actually with mushroom and all)..very nice. actually, i had risotto for lunch today…try the italian dessert – Tiramisu -. yummy.

    steak frites – steak ah it is beaf..and frites = french fries…ofcourse you have other better french dishes…

    my favorite in thai food is Green Curry…:-)

  6. 6 hariharan

    for your latest info; When food inspectors visited Udipi they found cockroaches and they were not happy with that;so forget going udupi hereafter 😦

  7. 7 adhyayan

    and your yum stuff at panda exp has loads of oil in it….
    Thank god for thai!!

  8. 8 adhyayan

    Did I just see tiramisu- that is heaven!

  9. 9 Princess Banter

    You’re making me hungry — stop! It’s true though that there is no such thing as American food 😉 I also don’t think there is such a thing as a true blue American — unless you count the native American Indians.

  10. 10 Alka

    KNOCK! knock! wake UP! time FOR NEW POST.

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