Back IN Home from Out and Utah


I just kept the last piece of cloth that was wrapped in the polythene into my closet. Yep – we are home back. After being Homeless,we kind of lost touch. So here u go – I joined this new student job of web developer which pretty much takes up my whole day (okay – 8 to 5), five days a week. And then there was mess at home to clear, dust to vacuum and things to keep back to where they belong. And then this weekend we went camping (read the whole thing before u say vow) to Utah. That kept me away from blogging for a while after that foodie post (has anyone of u tried anything yet?).


Now that Im back, lemme post a few pics from our trip. No long descriptions here – dont wanna make it a travel post. The pics you are seeing were from Antelope Canyon, a hill divided into half by a flood that came ages ago. The hilarious part of the trip was the camping though, all we novices with our camping gear, arrived at the camp ground to fix up the tents. After fiddling with those rods and clothes for a while, we were able to make it look like a camp, and then guess what happened –  the winds started blowing. So strongly so that our camps were blown off before even we could go in them to see how they look like from inside. It was nearing midnight, middle of nowhere, no electricity and no camps. We roadies hit the road again and settled in for a motel tonight. The other not so hilarious things we did were jet skiing at Lake Powell and trekking at the Zion Canyon. Okay that’s it for the travel part.

I have taken the same resolution, another time again – to loose weight. Now that my weight shows up in the pics obviously, i think its time to do some real work on my body.

That phase has come again – end of Masters, nearing graduation, looking for a job. Hhhmmmm i hate this phase.

My neighbour is freaking out, he and his wife are suspecting pregnancy (sorry for not using expecting),  after being married for only more than a month. Will let you know if the bad thing happens – ie if she gets pregnant 🙂


3 Responses to “Back IN Home from Out and Utah”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Antelope Canyon is so beautiful. I always enjoyed exploring around Lake Powell, and I always wondered what the lake covered up.

    coleman tents

  2. 2 Cuckoo

    Welcome back !! We missed you.

    Hmm.. By looking at your pic I always thought you were a guy who can gain weight very fast. I was right !

    I know i know you like that jet skiing thing. Enjoyed eh ?
    I wish I was there at the camping place as well. How much fun it would have been. 😛

    Expecting err… more on that pregnancy. 🙂

  3. 3 Maverick

    @coleman: u’ve got some good tents in there. thx for stopping by. I donno wat lake powell covers up, but there seems to be a lot of mess down there 🙂

    @cuckoo:u looked at my pic?? n looked like tht grrrrr……
    n the camping thing fun for the funny eyes, some guys were really pissed off 🙂

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