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While that morning brought me a sky full of colors, hopes and another day of life. It brought someone shattered dreams, sorrow and six years of grief. When shadows of the past win over the rays of hope And history is dug while the future burried Let our souls burn in the fire of our mistakes But […]

“The rupee rose 0.2 per cent to 40.65 against the dollar as of the 5 pm close in Mumbai, according to data compiled by media.” – Re rises, biggest Q gain in 34 years, The Economic times, 2nd July 2007. This news hit us all. This meant we’ll have higher bills to pay when we swipe our […]

a F’ day


“Yes” I said, to the question “Whipped cream, sir?” at the starbucks over my daily dose of caffeine. And as it went swirls over my Iced caramel mocha, I thought I’ve had my calories for the day. Until my superviser asked “Do u wanna go grab some food at the conference?”, How did i know […]

Priyank tagged me to write eight random facts about myself. I had done similar tags, but these things never end so here you go, another eight random facts about me. 1. I dont love doing things at a stretch. Well, I can do, if I have to. But that’s not my way. 2. I chicken out of the […]

We all knew we could read, and we know we are different from robots. But when we need to prove it – that’s word verification. Word verification is not the only thing i don’t get right the first time, but possibly the simplest one. Thanks to the Carnegie Mellon University that invented it for the […]

I never imagined it would be cooler, atleast in July and in Arizona, it would be the last thing I’d expect. But there was a place like it was created for the people who requested. It was Flagstaff. An elevation of 7000 feet and how the airs changed their nature, from the heat emitting molecules […]

Ross: I cant believe u dont believe in evolution Phoebe: No I dont Ross: See all these fossils are from ages ago and they all prove it. Phoebe: Wait, wait. why are you so not willing to agree to my point. Didn’t the brightest minds on earth thought earth was flat until some 500 years ago. […]