Can you believe?


Ross: I cant believe u dont believe in evolution

Phoebe: No I dont

Ross: See all these fossils are from ages ago and they all prove it.

Phoebe: Wait, wait. why are you so not willing to agree to my point. Didn’t the brightest minds on earth thought earth was flat until some 500 years ago. And till 50 years ago, didn’t u all scientists thought atom was the smallest particle, until it opened up and all that crap came out. So isn’t there a tiny- tiiny chance that u might be wrong and i might be right.


That was funny wasnt it, but then Phoebe made a point.

—-Another Day—-

Did you know according to Einstein, we might be able to see the past?

wooooo stop it ! I said, these science fiction fantasies sounds good in movies and great in books, what has Einstein gotta do with them. And then he explained………………..

We know that we can see an object only if we can see a light ray that is reflected by that object. Now in theory, some light wave would have been reflected by some object (say Alexander, sorry for using object) ages ago. Say a black hole didnt catch that wave, and its still travelling in space. Now, if there was a way to see that light wave, you could see Alexander.

I know this theory has way too many assumptions, but hey didn’t all discoveries start like this ? 


7 Responses to “Can you believe?”

  1. Hmm, interesting stuff I must say.

  2. 2 Sigma

    Congrats on your new home! This time on the net! 🙂
    This is a nice template too.

    Its good that you managed to get all your posts here. However, you didnt get some of my recent comments 🙂 I tried going to the comments page in your old blog, but seems you dont want me to see it there 🙂 I was thrown out of there 😀

  3. @mridula: thx, u r a professor, u must b knowing more.

    @sigma:thnqso much and welcome. nope nope, i got all the posts and comments in here. its just tht i haven’t imported the posts on moving, so those comments r probably not imported too.n just try disabling javascript in ur browser n then go to my old blog, it shd work.

  4. nice post and nice blog. thanks for stopping by mine and let me know if you’d be interested in linking to mine and vice versa. cheers.

  5. Nice exploring post and liked your template.Changed my identity as started getting some anonymous comments.

  6. @Lorenzo: did link u already. love ur blog

    @expression: ha ha, kool nick name though 🙂

  7. Just wanted to give you a heads up to update you link for my site, I’ve moved to

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