Skyride – Flagstaff


I never imagined it would be cooler, atleast in July and in Arizona, it would be the last thing I’d expect. But there was a place like it was created for the people who requested. It was Flagstaff. An elevation of 7000 feet and how the airs changed their nature, from the heat emitting molecules to the soothing cool breezes.

The trip must’ve been cooler if it was in winter. And there would’ve been the skiing, which I would be writing about. But never mind it was equally exhilarating in summer.  The only activity available there at this period of time was the skyride. Skyride is a ropeway that takes its carraiges further high on the mountain for 2000 feet. We had trekked similar trails before, but this way of travel was new. The pros – Its like a jackpot, you get to see amazing views which you’d have easily missed on a trek minus the effort to travel. The cons – You cannot touch things or stop somehwere you want liked , so its no more personal.

The path of Skyride

A carraige of skyride

The carraige of skyride

But the cons alleviated as we went trekking higher after the skyride dropped us. Had we followed a normal trek, Im sure we could’ve never gone that far. And the view after getting to the top was …..(better say it in pictures than words)

The topview at flagstaff

I had never been to such high altitudes before and I was surprised by the effort I was making to breath properly or was it these views that had done this to me.

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16 Responses to “Skyride – Flagstaff”

  1. Oh! you should try Spiti or Ladakh once at over 12000 feet. I think you would like it. The pictures are lovely.

  2. 2 rads

    I have a fear of heights. They make me dizzy, not enough to call a phobia, but still. Maybe I should go do a ride on such things or just straight do a bungee jump, that should get rid of the chicken in me!

    Lovely pics 🙂

  3. @mridula: vow then i can imagine, the beauties u’ve seen. i surely want to explore tht part of india. but jus dont knw when.

    @rads:or may be u cud try skydiving. n then evrything else wud luk silly 🙂

  4. Nice indeed!
    so was it road > 7000ft > sky ride > 9000ft > hiking up? yea its exciting 🙂

  5. @priyank: no it was actually – the city of flagstaff 7000 ft + the AZ snow bowl mountain base from where the skyride starts 2000 ft + the skyride of 2000ft + the hiking

    so it was 11000 ft + something (something wasn’t much though :))

    btw welcome to my place

  6. OMG — that looks so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to AZ but just never had the chance to. I’m so jealous!!

  7. 7 Alka

    Beautiful pictures. I think after so much hard work one deserves such eye tonic which no amount of money can buy. 🙂

  8. You should have gone in winter and taken the same skyride over snow.I have been there several times during winter and summer,and I would agree with you.
    But right now finding some place else to get rid of this scorching heat in Arizona.
    If Kashmir and Switzerland are the heaven on earth,I would say that Arizona is definitely hell on earth,especially Phoenix and the vicinity area.

  9. @princess banter: sure u should come AZ. and the best time to visit is between oct and feb.

    @alka:true ! i luv weekends 😉

    @expression:i knw, i’ll probably go back there in winter next time. n try utah if ur bored of the cal-vegas cliche. utah is cool, refreshing and naive.

    i have one of my friends visiting frm chicago, he loved AZ. he says snow sucks and its better to bare extreme heat than extreme cold, so i guess u r d opposite person 🙂

  10. 10 SK

    First time here. Like your template and the posts. :–)
    Flagstaff sounds interesting, would try to do it sometime.

  11. @SK: thx for stopping by, sure u shd.

  12. 12 rads

    skydiving? Yea, sure I’d fall with a thud liek a deadpan. Literally! 🙂

  13. So finally I am here. Hmmm.. nice pictures and a very good height !! 😛

    In Europe at many places they use this mode of transport. It is the most feasible thing to do. And like you said, it has its pros & cons. 🙂
    Some more pictures please.

  14. @Cuckoo: gud to c u after so many days, thought u forgot we old friends …. jus kidding.I can believe they use this as a means of transport anywhere, its wonderful. will upload more pics in flickr which u can access via the homepage of this blog.

  15. 15 some body


    we had awesome food in flagstaff – it was a punjabi place – when we visited (nearly a decade ago!). but we did not go for the skyride – definitely would’ve if we had known about it! i love ’em – other places i’ve ridden the skyride – stowe, vt; gatlinburg, tn; lake tahoe, ca; mussoorie; rajgir.

    having said that, for better views, i suggest a visit to stowe, vt and the skyride there. august would sure be fabulous with the colours – we went in june.

    btw, burlington – about an hour from stowe and our base during that trip – has the vermont teddy bear factory; stowe also is home of ben and jerry.

    – s.b.

  16. @s.b: oo i thought sb was ur avatar, neways i didnt knw tht there was a delicious desi place in flagstaff. We went to a Thai restaurant in the downtown n thts the worst thai food i’ve ever eaten.

    hhhhmmmm vermont? sounds interesting. As i’ve been saying im tired of the cal-vegas cliched trips, gotta explore new places, preferably the less explored ones.n wen i go will contact u, u seem to hav a lot of information, but wait how do i contact u? u r somebody 😦

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