word verification ? Not again !!!


We all knew we could read, and we know we are different from robots. But when we need to prove it – that’s word verification.

Word verification is not the only thing i don’t get right the first time, but possibly the simplest one. Thanks to the CarnegieWord Verification Mellon University that invented it for the Yahoo! under the CAPTCHA project to distinguish machines from humans. Word verification might surely be an effective solution being complex for robots, but often enough it turns out to be the same for humans too.

The trouble starts when you see those meaningless words on your screen and most of the times they don’t indicate if they are case sensitive or not, this wouldn’t be a problem had the difference between the badtextuppercase and lowercase been obvious. But most of the times you have no alternative than to measure the size of the letter with a scale. The O’s are similar to o’s and don’t even get me started with the Z’s. As if that were not enough, there are calligraphic characters which were originally meant to be beautiful, but so confusing they are that they do second look to understand (like r and n in the first word of the topmost picture – dont you think it looks more like m?). And then after measuring the size or flipping a coin when you figured out what the word is, damn a new one appears again just bcos u forgot to fill in a required field.


And then there are times when these words form a weird meaning. While you were figuring out what the letters were, you read out that its asking u to enter ‘pigrape’ to prove ur human (click on the picture above to zoom) .

Captcha is good, but we need to move on, with a better system for preventing spam. Perhaps an easier one.

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14 Responses to “word verification ? Not again !!!”

  1. 1 SK

    Yeah I hate them word verification too!! especially when the word changes before you are done with your comment and comes up with a new word. Grrrr!

  2. 2 rads

    True I guess.. but apart from annoying me occasionally, some of them are quite the riot. I guess that’s also coz I have an overactive imagination too..
    Nice link there, thanks!

  3. They can be funny, but they are usually just plain annoying.

  4. The funniest I got was “gay2y0u” or something like that.

    PS: I’ve tagged you !

  5. @SK: exactly, n if u turn it off, u start getting lots of spam. thts one of the reason im loving wordpress, it has its anti-spam system Akismet which works like wonder.

    @rads:overactive imagination? u shd be having way more problems, sometimes it helps to be a bit dumber 🙂

    @Lorenzo: sure they are.

    @Priyank:thts really funny, i wonder wat a dumbo closeted gay wud think of tht if he got one – errr……….my comp know im gay 😉

  6. I have always hated this “word verification”,and try to skip them but no success.

  7. @expression: there’s no way u can do it 🙂

  8. Oh yeah. I am not a fan of captchas at all. I wish it was something more interesting, like asking the user to choose a duck and a lobster from a choice of 10 random animal photos. I am sure its as effective as getting a human to type gfhgjty from a distorted image

  9. @krishashok: hmmm…… gud idea, but only if they dont screw up the images too much 🙂

  10. I sometimes feel that I have been decapacitated to decipher those intwined alphabets! Never get those right in the first attempt. The 0’s and the o’s are so cunning, and those ornate fonts do precious little to help!

  11. @Rashi: not just u, infact i guess one shd be empowered to get those right in d first attempt 🙂

  12. Aah I am glad that you are doing this series which I requested you to do . Thanks a million.
    I know this is one of those so many plus points. Let me see some more. 🙂
    Ha Ha.. now don’t curse me. I don’t have time to explore and I know you are an excellent buddy whom I can rely upon. 😛

    Thanks again.

  13. @Cuckoo: hmmmm clever cuckoo. I thought i’d build the statements first and then finally can write a post building my arguments on these statements, thts the reason i never mentioned abt wordpress or blogger in this post.but now tht u’ve got it. yes its one of those things.

    No problem…. any time 🙂

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