More random facts …..


Priyank tagged me to write eight random facts about myself. I had done similar tags, but these things never end so here you go, another eight random facts about me.

1. I dont love doing things at a stretch. Well, I can do, if I have to. But that’s not my way.

2. I chicken out of the arguments when the people arguing are my friends. I usually have a phone to answer, or use the loo.

3. What the heck, I love Himesh Reshmaiyya. I dont care if he sings with his nose or foot or butt.

4. I had stupid insecurities. When I was 10, I believed I would die falling into a pit.

5. Iam a net junkie. Many a times, I launch the browser and then think what to browse.

6. Wildness turns me on more than it scares. Tattos are hot and piercing is not.

7. My favourites change often, so if u r getting me my favorite gift, better enquire whats current.

8. Bring me a coffee after my sleep and ask anything, just anything.

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22 Responses to “More random facts …..”

  1. I know exactly what you mean on #5! But thats it 🙂

  2. 2 SK

    LOL! Same pinch #5 too ;–)
    Are you serious about Wilderness? Then you should most certainly go to Alaska. You will be blessed. ;–)

  3. @Priyank, SK : I didnt knw #5 was so common. welcome to d club 😉

  4. @SK: I’ve already heard some wild tales frm my friend whom i mentioned in ur blog. Abt frost byte and tht bear (was tht bear or some other animal) which attacks humans in the proximity of her babies. i really wanna go there.

  5. I’m kind of the same with #2. I really just don’t want to deal with it, I figure it’s not with the time to argue and I don’t want it to escalate into something big. I just hate confrontations in general though.

  6. Alaska must be a lovely place, so do go. And yes, I am also with you on #5.

  7. I am NOT the same for #5. Not exactly on #7 or #8… Oh oh.. I should stop comparing now. 😛

  8. @Lorenzo: I think thts wat i exactly feel.

    @Mridula: #5 u too 🙂 ?

    @Cuckoo: thank god, atleast found some one who’s not a net hippie. n skipped #6, wildness turns u on too?

  9. 9 Alka

    #8. Wow, I love having a hot beverage brought to me the very first thing in the morning. That’s called life.

  10. 10 wavesnsands

    Boy are u good at tags!!!
    Lols to #3 and #4 😛

  11. 11 rads

    Ask anything? Anything? That’s some vital piece of information that can be misused in the wrong hands. :-p

  12. @Alka: truly, these small things make me so happy.

    @wavesnsands:thx, so r u with me on # 3 or against?

    @rads: none of my roomies read my blog and others who read dont catch up with me in the mornings. so im pretty safe i guess 🙂

  13. 13 rads

    Till there’s girl out there who has plans ;-D

  14. @rads: more than ‘anything’ in tht case 😉

  15. 15 rads

    See, I knew you’d get it. Eventually :-))

  16. 16 wavesnsands

    i absolutely HATE himesh…but duh…i liked the way u put it…
    psssttt…did u know he’s bald???

  17. @wavesnsands: oo so u r with d regular junta.nope, but knew there shd be a reason to sport tht cap always 🙂

  18. 18 wavesnsands

    another one if u are interested..”friendship tag…

  19. 19 wavesnsands

    well he’s completely bald..wears a wig… 😛

  20. @wavesnsans: thx for the info, but i dont think i like him any less now 🙂

  21. Hey Priyatham just any thing :):) ,
    I will suggest think once more before commitment.

  22. @expression: hey sharda, u remember my name 🙂 ? well may be ‘almost’ anything 🙂

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