The same morning


While that morning brought me a sky full of colors, hopes and another day of life. It brought someone shattered dreams, sorrow and six years of grief.

The same morning

When shadows of the past win over the rays of hope
And history is dug while the future burried
Let our souls burn in the fire of our mistakes
But let’em free when they are pure

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10 Responses to “The same morning”

  1. Ahaaa ! I won it again. 😀

    Nice lines. It was tragic for him but he’s going to surface again.
    You want to read something else on it? Read here but do mention from where you got the link else he’ll wonder from where the hell you are coming. 😉 😛
    I liked that post.

    Off topic- Review on Passing the sentence will get posted tonight.

  2. Hi I am back from my trip to India. I know I haven’t been blogging in a lo…………ong time, but I just got back to visiting my fav blogs:)

  3. 3 rads

    6 years?! wow. Hmm.. justice is served after all? perhaps?

  4. @Cuckoo: yep, so now I’ve to try it again 🙂

    Im sure he will for he has stood against the toughest of situations, but i just hoped this wudn’t happen to him 😦 . Thx for the link, I was there n mentioned the source 🙂

    hmmm …. waiting for the review, i liked the ending though

    @travelsaga: gud to see u after so many days. Hope u had a great time in India. I knw this on n off thing in bloggin, I’m like tht too, only tht i take much shorter offs.

    @rads: Justice served, but not for good. I believe punishments shd be to cure people n lead them to the right way, not to punish people who’ve resorted to the right way on account of their pasts.

  5. bout the sentence, am not entirely sure what i feel – yes, he is a ‘changed man’ – but the fact remained is he changed = meaning there was a change required and the law of the land was violated.

    the photograph is stunning – if its taken by you – awesome!

  6. It will be unfair of me to pass any comment on this topic as I do not know the extent of his crime to get this punishment.
    However as a character I like him and that makes makes me sad to get this news.

  7. @Pramila: Yes, there was a change required, but he has changed. So somehow i feel the punishment doesnt serve its purpose. I might be a little biased to him though, i just can’t say…. like u.

    @expression: well, the allegations on him r possesing firearms illegally at the time of mumbai blasts.
    i love him too as he is and that makes me sad.

  8. @Pramila: btw thanks, yes i took the picture frm my terrace.

  9. Beautiful picture, Maverick

    I’m curious – did you take it and if so, where was it shot? It’s very evocative of Juhu, Mumbai ….

    Keep smiling


  10. @David: Thnkyou so much for the appreciation and for stopping by. Yes, I took it on my terrace at Tempe, Arizona, US. Sure it is, the sky and the sun , the same everywhere yet beautiful always.

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