The diet plan


Life is getting bore and we are gaining weight.

So what did we do? We resolved to follow this diet plan. I know there are arguments against this, but it seems like a lot of fun, especially when you do it with friends. So gonna follow this from tomorrow. Will keep you updating daily and lets see if it actually works.

Aug 2, Day 0 – gotta follow the diet regime from tomorrow, so cooking that left over chicken in the fridge. Hell, i dont wanna waste my chicken :).

Aug 3, Day 1Fruits all the day, except bananas. One of those few days when  I havent started the day with my huge cup filled with milk and cereals, an apple instead. Passed by the starbucks while the cashier was probably wondering why I wasn’t stopping by. I never realized the fruit cups in Einstein Bros Bagels were so yummy until I had’em for lunch. Pieces of catalope, pineapple, grapes and strawberry ……mmm, I didnt miss my lunch really. Apples and oranges for dinner. Envied so much when my friend was helping himself with the new Mango pickle. Just back from The Bourne Ultimatum , It was awesome.

Aug 4, Day 2An all veggie day, potato for breakfast. Today I must say should be the toughest day, eating fruits was ok, but veggies all day was pathetic. The day started with the whistle of pressure cooker baking the potato, a dash of garam masala over the mashed potato made it interesting enough to eat. Lunch was a bowl of lettuce with baby carrots, celery, tomatoes and cucumber, topped with white vinegar, salt and pepper. I was so feeling like a goat. Ooo yeah, there was rain in the evening, so couldn’t resist but drink a black coffee on my terrace. Had some carrots and celery for dinner. Overall, there were certain low points when I felt like running to the adjacent pakistani restaurant to order chicken jalfareezi, but here u go – I resisted.

Aug 5, Day 3Fruits and veggies, no potatoes though. Eating apple and grapes after a day full of veggies was like heaven. Had the same salad today for lunch, grapes became my evening snack and Carrots and Oranges for dinner. The tastiest thing I seem to be tasting these days is my toothpaste.

Aug 6, Day 4Bananas and Milk, with soup. Today I must say should be the best day. A glass of milk and bananas seemed like perfect for breakfast. Lunch was a little odd with a pair of bananas, especially when my supervisor bumped in and asked what was I having for lunch. Had the yummy onion soup in the evening, got some more envelopes of it, so probably will have it after the diet too. When the dinner was just about getting boring, my roomie shaked up the bananas with milk in a blender, with a dash of strawberry syrup. ummmmm …… yummy milkshake it was.

Aug 7, Day 5Chicken and tomatoes. The feast day as they call it. Raw tomatoes for breakfast which were kinda yacky. Lunch in subway, It was so many days after that I was taking a big bite. Dinner? got a story to tell – went to Mc.D to have a chicken sandwich. Me innocently ordered a southern style sandwich while friends did BLT’s, and then I had to exchange mine for BLT cos one of ’em dont eat bacon. So, there was that mayonise hiding under the lettuce. Having no other way, had it and feeling really heavy. Confession – This has been the day I deviated the most from rules 😦

Aug 8, Day 6Chicken and veggies , unlimited :D. Carrot started my day, didnt take advantage of the clause ‘unlimited’. Had grilled chicken salad at Burger king. The salad was full of lettuce and i literally had to ‘search’ for those baby carrots. Those buggers know how to make it cheap. Soup in the evening and Chicken nuggets for lunch. aaaarrrrnnnnhhhh….. Im so full.

Aug 9, Day 7Veggies, fruit juices and brown rice. As usual, I was there checking my e-mails while eating carrot for my breakfast. And then had Garden salad and Orange juice for lunch and cooked vegetable pulao out of the brown rice for dinner.

Thats what I’d like to write about Day 7, but no. Things were fine until lunch and orange juice, and then I came home to discover that there was no running water (Yes! I live in US), so we broke our regime a little earlier than we should. Just back from the pakistani restaurant after having Ginger chicken.

Tomorrow is the judgement day, cross ur fingers and pray for me !

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25 Responses to “The diet plan”

  1. Ooops me first again ?? You got to give some special prize for that.

    And what an excuse !! You are just like me. 😛

  2. 2 SK

    LOL! :–) good luck with the dieting. Let me know if it really works.
    I believe in working out regularly, to lose weight, but sadly it doesnt to work without the dieting.

  3. @Cuckoo: Didnt we count our similarities earlier ? Her u go another one ;), btw i think i kne ur secret of coming here first. u’ve subscribed me on google reader, haven’t u?

    @SK: I believe in working out too, and i love it too. But got some time constraints and right now, its really very difficult for me to take time for workout everyday. so jus thought shd try this. will let u knw if it works :), which i hope it does.

  4. 4 zee

    i need to go on a diet desperately!!!!!! i’m dreading the day my boyfriend inroduces me to his family and they say who’s this cow you’re dating!!!! thanks for the diet. now i’m going to convince my bunch to get on to it with me!

  5. Yeah yeah, I am glad we are differently similar. 😀

    Google? Oh yes, Me smart 😉 am I not? How do you think I can track100+ blogs ?

    And come on, I told this reason on my post of not blogrolling anyone.

    Any problems with your memory chip, sir ? 😛

  6. 6 wavesnsands

    Will reserve comments till last day 😉

  7. do u have some posts reserved for gaining weight ??? 😛

  8. dude! you will starve yourself !!

  9. @zee: he he, welcome to the club, or u can wait until i see if it actually works 🙂

    @Cuckoo: I remember u wrote, “i have my own ways of tracking”,but dont actually remember u saying ‘google reader’. may be my memory chip’s slogging cos of d low power supply (ie my diet 🙂 ) n i thought i was a gr8 spy mapping the source tracking system of my blog to the readers 🙂

    @wavesnsands: oh yeah, sure ! n pray for the best 😉

    @arvind: ha ha… u traitor 😦

    @Priyank: the biggest reason i started this was bcos it had no limit on the food intake 🙂

  10. Good luck with it. I have seen that moderate diet plus walking a lot works for me, though many people tell me I do not have a weight problem!

  11. hey mav, whats with dieting? 🙂 Just work out, and eats ensibly..that should take care of things.

    btw, try oatmeal. I know, it has a consistency of baby food, but its’ filling and it’s good for the system too.
    Good luck 🙂

  12. @Mridula: thx, with all ur trecks n hikes i can pretty much see why people say tht 🙂

    @rads: as i said, i love working out too, but these days got a pretty tight schedule n really cant afford time for regular work outs, so lets c if this works. btw i love oatmeal bars ! haven’t had it in ne other form though.

  13. Oh come on… that dieting will not work. Try walking or running around… swimming and such stuff. They help a lot. And just watch what you eat: less cheese, sweets and rice and more salads and rotis can trim you down in a trifle! I lost 15 kgs in 7-8 months by doing just that!!

  14. @Sudipta: 😦 really ? Letz see how much can i control my cravings for food, Let me clean-up my system and in the process, if i get 1 lb less, that’s a bonus 🙂

  15. I will have to say it takes lots of courage to diet.
    But I would suggest that go easy on grapes,and drink grape fruit juice instead.Buy a cheap citrus juicer from fry’s and make one grape juice everyday.Dosen’t take much time.Also if you love to eat potatoes eat red potatoes,they are tasty and least (almost none) potatoes.Good that you are eating lots of veggies.
    Yesterday after rain we were also tempted to go to start bucks,so we walked to the store got coffee ,had there and walked back home .I have a bad habit of having cappuccino every time I go there but I have made a resolution for myself that I will have my favorite cup of cappuccino if I walk to the store otherwise nothing for me.

    I hope you don’t mind me barging in and giving you so many advises!

  16. @expression: hmmm grape juice is yummy. I had god-knows-how-many-ltrs of grape juice last time i went to India. But im kinda lazy to make a juice for myself despite having the juicer thts never been taken out of its closet in the.n yup gotta try the red potatoes.
    gud way of drinking coffee :), may be i shd keep something similar evrytime im tempted to go coldstone, only tht may be i shd make it jogging instead of walking 🙂

    mind ? not at all, infact u r welcome 🙂

  17. I wish there was a way to transfer some weight! I need some !
    Anyway, I love eating this – cut bananas, orange, apple, capsicum, lettuce or cauliflower and other greens. mix, squeeze a lemon, sprinkle salt and chaat masala. Green tea makes great accompaniment (without sugar).

  18. 18 Mel

    Hey Maverick, I’ve just had a look at your diet. This is the same diet that hospitals over here supposedly give to obese patients when they want them to lose weight fast before surgery. I know a couple of people who have done it and it has worked. I have even tried it myself years ago but could not live with the soup. Have you lost any weight yet?

  19. @Priyank: Lucky u, I was like tht one day…..nostalgia :(. so thts wat a veggiefruit salad? sounds like fun, will try it sometime. Probably this weekend.

    @Mel: u r the saviour :), thx for the encouragement. yep I couldnt resist,so checked my weight today. Iam 3 lbs less 🙂

  20. 20 Mel

    Hey that’s good you’ll have that BMI down in no time…. have fun at the gym:)

  21. 21 deepfriedbheja

    Hi…I really like your blog….first,it’s convinced me to shift to the digg 3 theme…second,i wanna try the diet 😉 thanks

  22. @deepfriedbheja: thnqso much. i wish u left a pointer here to ur blog. but wait i got ur e-mail ID, i think im gonna ask it on mail

  23. 23 deepfriedbheja

    oh jeez! ….My blog is

  24. 24 deepfriedbheja

    i forgot to mention it before 😉 sorry 🙂 thanks for asking though

  1. 1 The Judgement Day « What Happened Was …

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