my 23 years of Independence


Jana gana mana
or The star spangled banner
or God save the queen

We shall not forget the past, but embrace the future.

Happy Indian Independence.

So, what if independence days have turned to be mere holidays, they are fun. Now that you got the conclusion, let me build my argument.

Independence day meant torture in the school, for a few preceding days. The ceremonious drill to be performed on that day required rigorous practise to make it point perfect from a few days before. Blessed were they people who were in the school-band, for the only thing they needed to do, was play the same tune which used to echo in the kitchen to my Mom. Sun strokes and thirsty throats were too cliched excuses to miss the drill, and our creativity never went beyond those. The day started at 6AM and every minute later would count towards an attendance that they said would affect the final grades. The clothes – washed and ironed, the tie actually re-tied after many days and shoes polished, we appeared like a bunch of ants going for a war from that high raised dias, where the ceremony started with the welcome address of Mother-superior. The chief guest would be brought all along from the gate to the dias admist the band (that played the same tune), their steps all in unison but for some strange reason pausing in the air at the middle, for a second. The chief guest would hoist the flag and if by chance it went all the way up without getting stuck, the PT sir took the credit. Then followed the speeches about the national leaders, and our country – their biographies, little nostalgia, little skepticism and a dash of patriotism, the recepie that wasn’t changed over years. Packet of mixture and choclates would be the usual treat for which we all waited. And after which we left.

Being up early on a holiday was not a norm unless it was my birthday or the Independence day. While my Dad would watch the march at Delhi, I’d be dreaming about the movies that the cable guy would air. Switching channels didnt really help, for all of them had the same theme – patriotism. The afternoons were usual and the nights normal, and we waked into the next day with a hang over from the patriotic overdose.

My Independence day changed over the course of these 23 years, It reduced from that exciting day-to-an outing at the boarding school-to-another bunked day at the college-to-write-a-post day.

So, what if independence days have turned to be mere holidays, they are fun.

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17 Responses to “my 23 years of Independence”

  1. 1 SK

    Happy I-day.
    Did they really show our flag on Nasdaq? I am impressed, and elated. :–)

    Nice I-day memories.

    Btw, I started the diet yesterday. Commenting as the potato is baking. ;–)

  2. 2 wavesnsands

    hehe…nice memories…pretty similar ones here…the patriotic fervor fades off towards the end of the day..and flag-hoisting at school was more irritating than fun(our school was in the middle of the city…no wind…flag never fluttered…and unless that kids never thought it was worth the “getting up early to go to school” 😀 )…by the about the way they played Roja year after year till more films on patriotism came up??

    nice pic too..interesting….

    anyways .. a Happy Independence Day to all!!

  3. @SK: hey thx, n same to u. Yes, they did show our flag at the NASDAQ, where could i have got the pic otherwise.

    good luck on ur diet, only the first three days r tough anyway.reading ur comment while having my cereal 🙂

    @wavesnsands: same here, the flag rarely fluttered and at one point we thought it shd have springs like the one on the moon does. n yeah Roja was pretty much there, is it RDB now?

  4. oooo, that looks awesome! I still don’t get why we are celebrating on the 14th… I mean, it just became 15th even in India like a couple of hours ago…

  5. @rads: Well, im not celebrating on 14th, just posted it a bit earlier so tht it could catch up with guys in India 🙂

  6. happy Independence day 🙂

  7. 7 wavesnsands

    yup…it’s rang de this half-listening to the dialogs as i type 😛

  8. @expression: thanq n wish u d same.

    @wavesnsands: hhhmmm i’m pretty good at guesses.

  9. hmm.. I’m a bit uncertain if I understand the number 23 correctly 😀
    I remember going to school on 15th August in my last year of engineering… that was some 6 years after 10th std. The teachers were so happy.

  10. oooooo, nice! Love the little blue flower in the middle 🙂

    good show of spirit! 😀

  11. @Priyank: i too thought tht the title suggested that its 23rd year of Indian Independence which was kinda derogatory, so added a ‘my’ infront. voww, so did they make u do the drill? 🙂

    @rads: thx 🙂

  12. Liked the frankness of the post..

  13. 13 wavesnsands

    ooo…nice makeover 😉
    how abt taking that tag now??

  14. @scribbler: thx for stopping by, welcome.

    @wavesnsands: not a makeover really, tht’s independence special. will be back to normal soon. n yes, ur tag is my next post 🙂

  15. 15 Mayoor

    Nasdaq displayed the tricolor last year. I wonder if that was done this year as well. Moreover, Nasdaq even recognized Deepawali the same year. Check out this link: .
    With this Nasdaq proved how majestic they are. They(Americans) know how to greet others in easiest and yet more efficient and effective way. Give them an Indian traditional festival and they’ll celebrate in a better way than we can think off. Americans had ridiculed India for poor celebration of 50th Indian Independence.
    Will Indian govt. greet others in public the same way Nasdaq did? No. Even if they do so, we’ll find opposed demonstrations on street that’ll have no justification.
    I was overwhelmed to see the picture(nasdaq) in the news paper last year.

    Bottom line: Americans do things in style.

  16. Your life could have been very interesting if you were in pre independence days.. may be you would have been like Bhagat Singh.. hope you like him…

  17. @Mayoor: This year, im not sure. I dont think they have done something similar. And ofcourse u knw tht the empire state building is lit up with the country’s colors on each country’s independence day, dont u? I knw we ren’t very good in our marketing skills, n with a bunch of parties tht oppose senseless things(u do know who im referring to), i think this would be difficult to do in India.

    I was very glad to read ur comment, just hoped i’d have a way to track u back. leave me ur blog address or email if u r reading this.

    @adhyayan: sure, i always dream of it. So much tht i keep pestering my greatgrandma how did they feel when we got independence. boy she got some really interesting stories. u shd also probably ask urs 🙂

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