The last times


The last times of anything seems to give me tremors of Nostalgia, no matter how much I hated it while I was doing it.

Today was one such day, It was my last day at the student job as web developer which I had taken up for the summer. When I persued it, I was keen I would enjoy it, put in my tid-bits of creativity anywhere I could put. I started loosing when the web-‘designing’ rather transformed into PHP-‘coding’, those lines of code that got stuck at the server, Damn!. And the job was one of those typical 8-5 ones, this is probably the golden age of my life where I considered waking up at 8.30 as ‘late’. I now understand why my seniors keep saying ‘work sucks’.

But at the end of the times, my perspectives change, like today. I will miss thinking colors in Hex values, that ‘yayys’ when the code worked and that anxiety while testing in a new browser. I will miss those little water bottles that got accumulated at the end of the day and while throwing which into the recycle bins, I’d feel as if saving the earth. I will miss switching to that work tab from a movie tab in a split second, when the boss walked by. I will miss talking from cubes and replying sometimes when the other person was on phone actually. I will surely miss that free food and soda cans. I will miss my remote desktop connection from which I punch in and punch out an hour earlier and later than my actual work hours. Ooo wait i haven’t punched out yet.

PS: Sorry wavesnsands, ur tag will be my next post. This had to come out today.


13 Responses to “The last times”

  1. Just wanted to be first again !! 😛

    Will comment later.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. HAHAHA. desi s*ala… 😉 I’m proud of you.
    I luv webdesigning because it stimulates my right brain which is otherwise dominated by the left. Fortunately I stopped myself from learning php, and thank G*d for that.

  3. @Cuckoo: heyyyyyyyy this is cheating in our early bird game 🙂

    @Priyank: wasn’t sure what tht * in s*ala meant, neways thx assuming it was a good word 🙂

  4. 4 SK

    :–) Its okay Pal. Change is the only constant in life.

    Btw, am in 5th day of the diet, havent lost much weight. :–( I didnt break any rules, really. I have just lowered my metabolism now, so I am going to put on the couple of lbs I have lost immediately once I resume regular food.

  5. 5 zee

    don’t worry………ur new assignment will be fun too…….

    i remember giving up my first job….and i missed it for 2 full yrs…read till date….in my second job……but whatever moves you make…are for the better

  6. @SK: how did u lower ur metabolism? eat lots of veggies and fruits. tht way there’s nothing much to gain after the diet.

    @zee: thts wat i believe too, n life is in moving over, not getting stuck.

  7. Hmmm.. I came twice but before I could write anything, connection went off. 😦

    Anyhow, will try again.

    Well it is a typical Indian IT scenario. Ha Ha..

    Shhhh.. Cuckoo, you should not make fun of your own field what if you are not like Maverick. 😛
    And changing tabs is so much fun. 😀

    So, what would be your next job then? Glad that you & Priyank met offline. 🙂 Is it called offline ? *rolling eyes*

    And that was no cheating. I came first.. you have to accept that. 😛

  8. Voila !!! I made it this time !!

  9. Cuckoo, you made what this time?? I agree, you were first. You should get early “human” prize.

  10. 10 wavesnsands

    where’s the new stuff!!!

  11. Well, Priyank.. thank you for all the compliments. 😀

    And I could post the comment. That was my oh-so-heartfelt reaction. 😛

  12. the last day of my previous job, I was close home, my leg got twisted on an uneven road, I fell down and I was like.. aww!! why isnt anyone running towards me and then I just got up like nothing happened!

  13. @Priyank, Cuckoo : u guys r crazy, keep goin. im havin fun 🙂

    @adhyayan: so tht happens to u on all the last days? 🙂

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