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I survived ……. The GREs and the TOEFLs The Applications and the Admissions The Choices and the Cofusions The Consultancies and the Frustrations The Visa interviews and the Lies The Shoppings and the Jetlags The Aliens and the Atmosphere The Sulks and the Studies The Fee and the Funding The Labs and the Labor The […]

National Anthem


So, how many of you stand up for the National Anthem? Frankly, I dont. I do respect my nation, and I stood up everytime it was played in the school or college. But if the circumstances are casual like home or a coffee shop or road, I don’t. Let me start the count.

The Other Side


1. On the other day when my roomies were going to watch a movie and the car wouldn’t accomodate all of us. I said I’d drop, but then I wanted them to persuade me to come. They didn’t. And I sat sulking in the home. 2. If you cant convince them, confuse them. This works well […]

Cuckoo tagged me. And I do enjoy doing tags, esp. if they are different. This seems to be an easy one, cos i just have to answer the questions. Well, easier than writing random facts about me. Let’s see. Rules: 1. Name the person with link who tagged you. 2. Complete the questionnaire without changing the questions. […]